Airbnb offers accommodation reservations to users in 200+ countries. It connects travelers with a host who wants to rent their apartment or even rooms for a specific period. In 2020, over 2 million people were staying with Airbnb every night. The solution uses Ruby on Rails for web development in its technology stack.

Javascript, PHP, and HTML were the initial technology stack of Airbnb. However, in later years, Airbnb switched to Ruby on Rails. The framework offered speedy development. Cost-effectiveness was the significant advantage of moving to Ruby on Rails. 

Apart from Airbnb, companies like Shopify, Groupon, Fiverr, Goodreads, Hulu, and others use Ruby on Rails in their technology stack. Ruby on Rails web development offers strong backend development to enterprise and consumer-centric solutions. 

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The Current Ruby on Rails Landscape

1,088,355 websites currently use Ruby on Rails framework development. 6.43% of these websites and apps are in the computer, electronics, and technology industry. is the top Ruby on Rails website. It receives 434.9 million visits monthly. Ruby on Rails software development assists with scaling and handling massive traffic. Even Shopify, the leading ecommerce platform, uses Rails to handle its 300,000+ clients. 

Industry verticals where Ruby On Rails is being used

The Ruby on Rails community is huge. There are 4400 contributors on GitHub. The framework has over 130 million downloads. TIOBE Index shows that Ruby, the programming language Ruby on Rails uses, is among the top 20 most popular programming languages. 

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7 Reasons Ruby on Rails is used by Top Companies

Ruby on Rails brought convention over configuration to the programming world. Developers admire the principle as it helps to avoid writing boilerplate code. It was a high-level software design paradigm switch for developers.

Good development practices are a big part of Ruby on Rails. The framework simplifies the development process. Let us look at other reasons why the top companies still choose to hire a Ruby on Rails development company.

  1. Fast Framework:
    • Everyone knows Rails is fast. Ruby on Rails app development reduces redundancy in writing code. It is simple, reliable, and effective. Developers can spend more time communicating and understanding the client’s requirements. Writing code becomes more of a breezy task rather than a complex challenge. 
    • Ruby on Rails reduces the development time by around 25% to 40%. The amount of code comes down drastically. However, the functionality remains the same. There are RubyGems that offer plugins for everything. It is often known as “startup technology.”
  2. MVP Development:
    • The Ruby on Rails environment is huge. It is compatible with developing high-quality and complex applications. It offers object-oriented programming, third-party integrations, and much more. All of these features combine to create an exceptional MVP.
    • Because of the simplicity, the framework reduces time, money, and effort. MVPs are easily scalable – both horizontally and vertically. In effect, a Ruby on Rails company generally starts with creating an MVP. The agile development process helps in creating faster MVPs than other frameworks. When Twitter was a startup, the company was using Rails in its technology stack.
  3. Programming Principles:
    • Another reason top companies consider Ruby on Rails developers for hire is because of the framework’s programming principles. Convention over configuration enables developers to work in a traditional environment. It eliminates the need to configure the environment on the go.
    • On top of that, there’s the DRY principle – Don’t Repeat Yourself. It eliminates extra lines of code by providing reusable coding accessibility. Then there is testing automation, which allows for automated testing. Localization offers developers to create web apps in local languages with ease.
  4. Adaptable Environment:
    • Ruby on Rail is a flexible and adaptable framework. The upcoming updates make it suitable for creating apps with the latest integrations. Rails 7.0 is sure to change the game for developers. However, Rails already has separate modules for everything. If developers forget to add functionality, they can use the modules for that.
    • Developers can easily redefine or remove elements from Ruby on Rails. There can be multiple solutions to a single issue. The framework offers unlimited flexibility.
  5. RubyGems:
    • One of the biggest advantages of hiring a Ruby on Rails software development company is their use of RubyGems. Every Rails developer just loves RubyGems. It simplifies their life. It reduces the lines of code. It offers easy integrations with third-party plugins. It makes the development process easier by offering feature-rich plugins.
    • There’s a Ruby Gem for everything –  from payment gateway authentication to automated testing. Authorization gems are highly popular among enterprises that have user login and registration features. All gems offer easy and seamless integration. But what if there are problems in integrating the gem?
  6. Massive Community:
    • The community steps in to assist with any challenge developers face. Not able to integrate a gem? Get help from GitHub. There are code repositories that developers can use in their applications. The community is always ready to assist developers with any need they have.
    • Apart from that, Ruby on Rails has excellent documentation that can support the development process. Today, developers who are stuck can take assistance from other developers. There are developers who collaborate on different projects to achieve better results.
  7. Mature and Stable:
    • And finally – Ruby on Rails is a mature framework. It offers high stability during the development process. A common myth is that Ruby on Rails is dead. However, it’s not true. The reality is that Rails has grown beyond its capabilities. Developers at a Ruby on Rails company have enough experience to create all kinds of solutions.
    • Today, many companies offer Ruby on Rails consulting. They evaluate the existing Rails products and provide suggestions for improvements. Ruby on Rails migration is highly popular as companies move from an older version of Rails to a newer one. 

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Wrapping Up

Ruby on Rails was at its peak a couple of years ago. However, that doesn’t mean it’s dead now. The framework is still a popular choice at every enterprise software development company. Its power, speed, reliability, and scalability make it a perfect choice for both enterprise and consumer-centric applications. However, utilizing Rails in the technology stack requires the assistance of experts and experienced developers due to its maturity.

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