Companies experience 60% growth in revenues and profits by adopting agile. It is one of the best practices software development that enterprises benefit from.

Today, following software development practices is key. They help to align the outcome with the process. These software development practices and methodologies simplify the entire engineering process. 

Why are Best Practices in Software Development Important?

Software development practices provide a blueprint for the best approach to software. They assist the team with – 

  • Minimizing errors
    • When the team follows the right software engineering practices, they reduce the chances of errors. These practices reduce the uncertainty and offer risk aversion capabilities.
  • High-quality products
    • Whether they are software development practices in agile or waterfall, they ensure high-quality products. Developers know what they have to work with. Following the process delivers the desirable outcomes. Therefore, high-quality products are inevitable.
  • Affordable software
    • The right software development process steps reduce the haphazard-ness in the development process. Everything is on time, at place – leading to less money spent on unnecessary activities. Therefore, it makes the entire process affordable.
  • Timely delivery
    • Software development practices enable developers to achieve the results in the lowest time possible. These practices align the entire process. Since everyone knows what and how to do it, it takes less time to build the product.
  • Secure software
    • Software development practices and methodologies enable enterprises to better comply with security and data protection guidelines. It allows them to create secure and safe software. Modern industries like FinTech, HealthTech, IoT, New Economy, etc. require secure software development.

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How Do Software Development Best Practices Help?

The best practices for software development help by providing a framework for creating software. Developers and enterprises must follow these practices to ensure that the process is structured, feasible, and scalable. Best practices in software development also eliminate any confusion that the team might have regarding the product.

Which is the Best Software Development Practice? 

There are tons of best practices of software development that developers can follow. Reducing code complexity, agile development, code review, etc., are a couple of practices that developers should keep in mind. However, there’s no single practice to follow for all projects – it depends on the project requirements as well.

What are the Key Software Development Practices?

  • Keep the code as simple as possible
  • Always conduct unit tests before writing code
  • Have a proper code review practice
  • Focus on agile software development
  • Create a proper documentation of the process

By following these practices, developers are sure to achieve an edge during the software development process.

7 Most Popular Software Development Practices to Follow

Now that we know why software development practices are important, let us look at some of the best software engineering practices that enterprises should use.

Best Software Development Practices

Here are the 7 top software development best practices to follow – 

  1. Create an SRDS
    • Knowing the project requirements is not enough – the development team must define it. One of the best software development standards and best practices is to understand what needs to be done. 
    • A Software Requirements and Design Specification document or SRDS clearly defines the requirement of the project. It simplifies in identifying what resources to align to which tasks. 
    • It includes software design characteristics, design diagrams, decisions, constraints, and much more. The SRDS will allow developers to figure out what the project demands without any confusion.
  2. Keep The Code Simple
    • Simplicity in coding is useful in reducing the complexity of the project. DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself and YAGNI or You Ain’t Gonna Need It are two important principles that go hand-in-hand with code simplicity.
    • Code simplicity also involves writing only as many lines of codes as the project needs. YAGNI focuses on reducing any line of code that would be useful in the future. However, it strongly suggests that there will never be any need for that.
    • Developers must simplify the code to ensure the product is high-quality. When there’s simple yet powerful code behind an application, it works seamlessly.
  3. Have Proper Documentation
    • Documentation is useful for two reasons – first, it helps to understand why there was a need to write that code. Second, it keeps everyone on the same page. People in the development team know what’s going on in the code because of proper documentation.
    • Documentation helps to quickly jump to the previous code. In the software development best practices checklist, it is highly important. It tells the development team why and how certain steps were taken.
    • By creating a proper document, developers also collaborate easily. They know where they work and how they improve the code.
  4. Focus On Agile Development
    • Today, every trusted custom software development companies is moving from waterfall to agile. It is a highly secure, dynamic, and fast method for developing software. Agile is quickly becoming a standard in the software industry.
    • Agile software development helps the development team to better understand the product. It offers iterations that lead to faster product development. Improvements are quick, and the product is of high-quality.
    • Agile also offers great collaboration between teams. Fast moving pieces enable everyone in the team to focus on achieving the same goal.
  5. Always Remember Unit Testing
    • Writing unit tests before writing the code ensures that the code is free of bugs and vulnerabilities. It also helps the developers to think about what bugs and errors they need to fix before they even start writing the code.
    • Unit testing assists with testing individual functions and classes. It allows the developers to identify places where any bugs might occur. However, apart from unit testing, an extensive testing process is highly useful.
    • Testing also helps in documenting your code. It will help to quickly catch any errors in the code and improve product quality.
  6. Consider Software Maintenance Beforehand
    • Often, developers do not consider software maintenance when they create it. However, it should be an important practice for any trusted enterprise software development company
    • Enterprise must continuously improve the product, reduce deterioration, satisfy users, and ensure the continued success of the software. Keeping the product functional and healthy is as significant as creating it.
    • Software maintenance involves proper planning. When the first release is available for mass usage, the enterprises must start the maintenance process. Early feedback provides a good idea about what to improve and offers a competitive advantage.
  7. Conduct a Thorough Code Review
    • There’s no such thing as perfect code. Developers always need to have a proper code review practice. While there are different software development methods and types of software development, every process needs a code review. 
    • Reviewing ensures that the code is of high-quality. Senior developers and engineering experts know what goes into writing excellent code. The ultimate result is that there will be fewer bugs in the code, if any. 
    • Code reviews are helpful to ensure that no error is left behind. Everything should have a proper solution. Apart from that, code reviews also provide an objective opinion on how to improve the code.

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Following the best software development practices provides a way to achieve product engineering goals quickly and efficiently. They make the entire process simple and lead to affordable development. By following the above 7 software development practices, enterprises can create high-quality software solutions with ease. 

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