About Invoice Automation RPA

One of North America’s fastest growing independent marketers of fuel and petroleum products.

Services Provide
  • RPA Application
  • Data Extraction
  • Machine Learning in Python, RPA
Technologies Use
  • RPA (UiPath)
  • AWS Transcribe
  • AWS Lambda
  • Python and ML

Business Problem

The client wanted to improve their existing processes in terms of accuracy, quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

Challenges using RPA:

  1. We received invoices as image and extracting the characters, digits, strings is a tedious task.
  2. All invoices were in different formats and there was no single algorithm for data extraction.

Challenges using Python / ML:

  1. Parsing audio to text.
  2. Concurrent processing (voice to text conversion) of audio file uploaded from the mobile device.
  3. Generating numbers from words.


  1. We have provided a solution for their existing app made up of three different modules in different technologies.
  2. We have used UiPath to extract invoice and gas data.

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