About SAP Automation RPA

An American Fortune 500 company, is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, chemicals, and fiber for everyday purposes.

Services Provide
  • RPA Development (DEV to PROD Env.)
  • Data Extraction and Manipulation
  • Automation Anywhere
Technologies Use
  • RPA (Automation Anywhere)
  • SAP Automation
  • VB Scripting

Business Problem

A group of analysts monitors an email box for new Customer and Vendor Master code requests. Once received, the next incremental code is generated in a SharePoint spreadsheet. This code is then processed in the SAP PROD and DEV system. Subsequent steps are completed only in the DEV environment and a ticket is opened with Eastman IT to validate and move the data into PROD.

This complete cycle is time-consuming, inefficient, non-productive and many times individual analyst creates a mistake while dealing with an environments PROD and DEV.


  1. Reading an email having dynamic subject & data and extract out the very specific required information like plat details and its address.
  2. Detect the correct unique SAP object and update it since it's not an HTML page where we can easily identify a respective element.
  3. Table data extraction for a specific record and its update process in the SAP application is one of the big challenges we faced since in SAP application we can't identify table row objects easily, so performing any kind of task on updatable table rows is very difficult.


  1. To read data from emails, we implemented a business logic based on provided predefined logic sets. Along with this logic, we also implemented a regex-based solution for string operations and data filtering to extract out required details from the email body.
  2. We created a Metabot DLL having core properties of the SAP application objects. This application properties help us to identify the correct unique object and allow us to perform an operation on that.
  3. In the DLL, we implemented various business logic for each separate module.
  4. For the table data extraction, we took the help of VB Scripting. With this scripting, we import the complete data table to the excel to get the required data and after processing business logic on that, we update the object through VB Scripting.
  5. Initially, automation carried out for the DEV environment and after verification on DEV, the same automation implemented for PROD with minor changes since it's almost the same process except for a few steps. To make it common and efficient, we implemented a config driven login.

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