About Web Scraping RPA

One of North America’s fastest growing independent marketers of fuel and petroleum products.

Services Provide
  • RPA Application
  • Data Extraction
  • Machine Learning in Python, RPA
Technologies Use
  • RPA (UiPath)

Business Problem

The client wanted to implement an automated solution to monitor the real-time gas price changes with accurate quality data which increases the productivity of the employee.


After getting the latest price through web scraping, we were unable to update latest price to the actual database.


  1. The client portal allows users to find a gas station with the best gas prices based on city or zip code at a regular interval.
  2. We extract out a gas station's data based on the zip code & the kind of gas station i.e. regular, premium etc. and export it to MS Excel for use.
  3. We have implement API to update the price on actual database.

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