Using the Internet is one thing, but being visible on it – well, that’s quite another thing. There are many ways you can be present on the Internet, but if the purpose of the presence is of a business nature, the only real way is to have your own website.

  1. Business Becomes Globally Visible
    • Imagine a grandson living overseas who wants to order a cake for the wedding anniversary of his grandparents.
    • Where will he order it from? Well, from a pastry shop that’s, maybe, two blocks away from grandparents, but it has its own website that even a grandson can find somewhere far away and order that cake through it. The consumer is somewhere nearby, but the buyer isn’t, and he needs a website to get to that cake at all and buy it.
  1. You Also Reach Users You Otherwise Wouldn’t Reach
    • The Internet provides companies with the opportunity for potential customers to find out about them, i.e., their offer, even for those customers who don’t pass under their windows every day but instead look for similar services or products on the Internet every day.
    • Once they find what they are looking for, it won’t be difficult for customers to cross two streets or two blocks or a few miles to get to the desired product or service. And very often, they don’t even have to go anywhere, they can order what they need if the company has the delivery issue resolved. In that case, it doesn’t matter where the company is located or where its customer is at.
  1. Chance for Higher Earnings
    • When you have your own website, everyone will find you much easier.
    • Then there’s a greater chance that, in addition to potential customers, you’ll be contacted by potential partners, and thus make more business arrangements and make more profit.
  1. It Works 24/7, 365 Days a Year, Without Weekends and Holidays, Even When You Sleep
    • Do you work ‘9 to 5’? Well, everyone else works like that, more or less, too. When will they be able to come and buy something from you?
    • On the other hand, the website has no opening hours. And it doesn’t take into account time zones (remember what we wrote under the point No.1). At any time of the day or night, a visitor to your website can be informed about your company, your products/services, current promotions, and discounts, as well as the prices of everything from your offer.
    • If you don’t have the payment option enabled on the website itself, visitors can order products, and if you have this option on the website, visitors can buy the product immediately.
  1. Stand Out From the Competition
    • If your competition isn’t online, you’re already at an advantage. If it is online, you’ve given your business a chance to find its place under the sun.
    • Present your company and your offer in the right way, explain why you’re the best choice for what someone is looking for (you have a higher level of service, better prices, greater choice of models…) using descriptions that people use while searching on the Internet, so that Google can find you in its search results, show you to others and bring them right to you.
    • And who doesn’t want a customer to ‘walk’ into their store by himself?
  1. Both the Media and the Store, 2 in 1
    • The website is the only place where you can have a newspaper ad and a TV commercial, a ‘shop window’, and a ‘cash register’ where people can pay for your products and services with a credit card. That’s why you need to hire a web application development company that can design & develop a secure and safe website.
  1. Multimedia Communication Without Restrictions
    • In addition to information about the company, you can post photos and descriptions of all your products on your website, explain how each product is used and when it’s used, tell an interesting story about each of them, highlight your services…
    • Everything you have communicated about so far with the help of flyers and brochures, you can now communicate through your website, without any restrictions in space. Besides, everything is much cheaper, because you don’t have to print anything.
    • And if photos and texts aren’t enough, you can also upload your videos and provide all the information ‘in motion and words’.
  1. Building Credibility
    • If you put all the relevant information about the company on the website, the potential buyer won’t be in a dilemma about who you are and what you are.
    • It’s much easier to present yourself online after you decide how to build a website than offline – you can present your whole team, show what certificates the company has, who are its partners and previous customers, provide references, statements of its satisfied customers… Of course, don’t forget the address, working hours, phone and fax number and, in particular, an email.
    • When potential users can’t find a company online nowadays, they often ask themselves whether it exists at all or not, what it is like, and whether it can be trusted? Does it hide something when it doesn’t want to present itself on the Internet? People today are more skeptical than ever, but the opportunities for quality representation are also greater than ever.
  1. Two-Way Communication With Customers
    • You’re interested, of course, in what your customers think of your offer, you’d like to ask them what they like and what they don’t, what you could improve, where you stand in relation to the competition… Well, ask them!
    • You can post whatever you want, including surveys, on your website. Design some useful gifts from your offer or some helpful information packaged in a correctly designed PDF and offer it as a reward to anyone who fills out the survey. That way, you can get a significant amount of email addresses through which you can (with their permission) contact customers and inform them about special and promotional offers, new products and services, etc.
    • Allow users to comment on the website, to be able to ask what they want, to be interested in certain features, payment terms, the possibility of delivery… From this, you can find out what interests them and what doesn’t and adjust your offer according to their requirements and wishes.
    • Customers can also leave negative comments, which can be very useful for further business development. You’ll have the opportunity to respond to criticism, correct omissions, and thank them for helping you to be even better. And so the credibility of a good company is built because you show that you care about your customers’ opinions even after providing services, and a satisfied customer can make you the best advertisement.
  1. You’re on Your Own
    • It’s wrong to be present only on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn …) for the sake of saving, forgetting that they are, in fact, someone’s private websites where you’re just a tenant. And that the owner of such a website can cancel hospitality to you at any time.
    • You should build your Internet home on your website, on your Internet domain, where you’re your own boss (the name of the Internet domain is what defines the address of the website and is directly related to your company and your business).
    • Your website is your media and your store, and no one can ever kick you out of there. It’s an Internet space in which you set the rules, define the structure, design, and set the content that suits you. And when you already have a website on your domain, you should also have an email.

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When you communicate from your domain, the name of your company is always seen in that communication and strengthens the position of your company in the eyes of everyone with whom you communicate. The fact that your own domain name is in both the web address and the email address indicates that you’re a serious company.