Ruby on Rails is a popular web application development framework used by companies all over the world. It powers some of the biggest companies, like Shopify, Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, and many more. Today, Ruby on Rails application development stands as a mature framework, capable enough to build a scalable and highly-reliable web application.

Ruby on Rails web development uses the Ruby programming language, a clear and developer-friendly language. It has been in existence for years now and is used as a beginner language for all engineers and software professional courses.

There’s an existing myth that the framework is dead – but every Ruby on Rails web development company argues against this. Now, more than ever, Ruby on Rails is a relevant framework for building your web application.

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Ruby on Rails is relevant in 2020 – and here’s why

Circumstances are tough, and your company needs affordable, yet quick web applications to survive as a digital leader in your industry. When you hire Ruby on Rails developers, you are ensuring that you survive in the long-run without making a hole in your budget.

How so? There are two things that the Rails development environment makes possible. First – it reduces the development time by 25% to 40%. When you can reduce the development time, you get the product quickly, along with more time to market it.

Apart from this, you get many more benefits when the product is developed quickly. You can let go of the web development services provider in an extremely less amount of time. The more you keep them with you, the more you’ll have to pay them. With faster development, Ruby on Rails web development allows your company to focus on maintenance and upgrades.

Secondly, RoR development is extremely affordable. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on hiring a Ruby on Rails development company – the supply matches the demand. On top of that, Ruby on Rails developers are easily available as it’s a mature framework, so you won’t have to pay high salaries.

The longer you keep a vendor with you, the more it costs. Since Ruby on Rails application development is quick, you can save a massive amount of money on your business application. Whether it’s an ERP app or a CRM system, Ruby on Rails full stack web development will help you save money on all types of web applications.

In 2020 and even in the coming couple of years, your business needs to save money and be on its toes to gain a competitive advantage. If you are thinking of going digital with a web application, then Ruby on Rails is a more sensible choice than anything else. It will help you recover the money you lost during the pandemic and make you an industry leader.

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4 reasons Ruby on Rails is preferred by Businesses

Rails development is perfect for online stores, information portals, transaction platforms, social networks, SaaS solutions, and pretty much all different kinds of web applications. The Rails development environment offers plugins and code simplicity, enabling developers to build different kinds of apps.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses prefer to use Rails web development and why you should too:-

  1. Simplicity in development
    • Ruby on Rails framework offers the utmost simplicity during the development process. Ruby is a clean programming language, much like English, and enables developers to do more with less amount of code.
    • Ruby on Rails web development eliminates writing comments or help text as the language is clearly readable. Even beginners can understand the code from any line. There are generators, modules, and plugins in-built to reduce the code complexity. If you don’t want to lose your web application into a spiral of codes, then Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice for you.
  2. Development speed
    • Ruby on Rails is known for its faster development. Popularly known as “the startup technology”, most companies prefer Rails full-stack web development to reduce the time taken to build their prototype. It accelerates the development process by providing a simple and linear code base. It also offers multiple plugins called RubyGems to add functionalities without writing extra code.
    • Rapid development also allows you to get more time-to-market the product. You can build a powerful application in no time and release upgrades as you progress.
  3. Convention over configuration
    • RoR development follows the convention over configuration philosophy. The framework assumes what you want to do and how you want to do, reducing the setup time. The Rails development environment configures the best possible files, reducing the time and effort in customizing the framework. Unlike Django, you don’t have to worry about configurations on-the-go.
    • Along with that, the framework also works on Don’t Repeat Yourself. It eliminates all kinds of unnecessary repetition so that developers don’t have to spend a lot of time writing the same code. It also minimizes errors in the software development lifecycle and during code execution.
  4. Adaptable and versatile
    • Ruby on Rails web development is extremely flexible. You can develop a web application and then adapt it to innovative upgrades and releases as per your requirements. It is extremely versatile, allowing you to solve problems in many different ways. The best thing is that developers will never get stuck while building your web application.
    • Along with that, when you hire Ruby on Rails developers, you get a lot of freedom and opportunities to innovate your business application. The rapidity and flexibility allow you to adapt the application as you want it.

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What most people don’t know is that Ruby on Rails migration is also a definite choice for existing applications. You can migrate your old application to Rails 6.0 or Ruby 3.0 and reap the advantages of the powerful features that these upgrades provide.

Ruby on Rails is an extremely efficient and effective technology for building your web application. You can compare it with Django and find that it works best for your initial stage requirements. However, when you want to scale, Ruby on Rails development can work wonders in handling heavy traffic load. By hiring a leading custom software development company, you can get a web application at a much affordable price and begin your journey towards becoming an industry leader.