Java is the #1 programming language for DevOps, AI, Machine Learning, and microservices. Today, Java is widely used for enterprise applications and building dynamic digital products. It is also a useful technology for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data, and Continuous Integration. The Java ecosystem is a preferred choice for developers who are working with advanced technologies as well as enterprise solutions.

According to TIOBE, Java has been among the top three programming languages for the past 20 years and currently stands at the third position with a market share of 10.46%. Since Java is so scalable, robust, and dynamic, a Java app development company can use it to build applications that can handle hundreds and thousands of requests at once. Java engineers using the latest version of Java are achieving much better results in terms of managing requests and handling traffic.

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This article will highlight the top 10 applications of Java in the real world. It will address how companies around the world are utilizing Java programming to build solutions that are leading the industry. Some of the top companies that use Java software development services include Uber, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, and more. So if these leading companies have found Java applications, what else can the programming language do? 

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Top 10 real-world Java Use Cases and Applications

There are multiple applications of the Java EE platform in the real world. Netbeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse are some examples of programs that utilize Java programming. There are frameworks, desktop apps, and digital solutions where Java supports the development process and is a key player in the solution’s backend.

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Here are the top 10 applications of Java programming in the real world – 

  1. Android Development
    • Java is the primary technology behind Android application development. Java Micro Edition (J2ME) is a popular cross-platform framework for building Android applications. The Java compiler compiles the Java classes into bytecode, which utilizes the Dalvik Virtual Machine – a virtual machine specifically for Android applications. On top of that, Java works well with Android Studio and Kotlin – two technologies developers are highly familiar with.
    • Some of the top companies using Java for their mobile applications include Spotify, Netflix, Google Earth, Uber, Opera Mini, Nasa, Wikipedia Search, ThinkFree Office, and several others.
  2. Server Apps in Finance
    • Java is a significant digital contributor to the financial services industry. Enterprises and companies in the finance sector utilize the programming language to build trading platforms, digital solutions, settlement and confirmation systems, data processing systems, and much more. Java web-based applications are popular for digital finance solutions as it is secure and scalable technology for development.
    • In finance, Java is widely popular to write server-side applications, which enables swift and seamless interchange of data between the client and the server.
  3. Distributed Applications
    • Applications that run on multiple networks and computers at once are known as distributed applications. Java offers a wide variety of capabilities to build distributed systems. The distributed and robust nature of the platform they operate upon requires the dynamic potential of Java for execution. Remote Procedure Invocation and Common Object Request Broker Architecture) are the two commonly used APIs for distributed applications.
    • JavaSpaces enables developers to distribute, persist, and migrate objects within the Java ecosystem.
  4. GUI Applications
    • Apart from Java web application development, the programming language also offers tremendous capabilities for Graphical User Interface (GUI) app development. There’s AWT, Swing API, and the latest JavaFX for building Desktop GUI programs. Java programmers can build tree-based applications or even apps that use the 3-D graphical interface. These tools offer the power to build modern desktop GUI apps using Java.
    • AcrobatReader, Mediaplayer, and ThinkFree are the two most popular GUI applications that use the Java programming language.
  5. Embedded Systems
    • Many people might know this, but Java was originally developed to create embedded systems. They are a combination of several small systems that come together to perform a specific function. Java is highly efficient and provides a lot of robustness to handle exceptions with ease. The most popular among the top 10 applications of Java is its utilization in the SIM cards that our phones utilize.
    • Nest Thermostat and Voyager are two applications of Java in the real world where an embedded system was created using the technology.
  6. Enterprise Solutions
    • Java is one of the most scalable and robust programming languages for developing enterprise solutions. Most enterprises have Java in their technology stack because it is secure and reliable. Enterprise Java applications are very big. Companies utilize Java Enterprise Edition, which offers the tool necessary to create large-scale, multi-thread enterprise applications. Checkout Why Java Development is so Popular for Enterprise Software.
    • The strong memory management capabilities of Java ensure that the performance of the enterprise application remains top-notch. Infosys, Google, HCL, Wipro are some of the top companies that utilize Java for enterprise application development.
  7. Scientific Computing
    • One of the many different types of Java applications include apps based on scientific computing. Java is a powerful programming language for scientific and numerical computation, analysis, and more. It has a secure and highly portable environment to build applications that use scientific computing. With the help of powerful mathematical calculations, Java can achieve the same results on different platforms.
    • MATLAB or Mathematical Laboratory is one of the most popular scientific applications that use Java for both frontend and backend development.
  8. Gaming Applications
    • There are a wide variety of open-source frameworks for building games using Java. Whether it’s a 2-D game or a 3-D game, there’s a framework for creating the game. Some of the most popular games like Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, and Asphalt 6 are created using Java software development services.
    • Dalvik Virtual Machine and the jMonkeyEngine offer top-notch capabilities to build dynamic games. Java is also useful for creating Android games as well.
  9. Trading Software
    • Stock trading platforms are one of the emerging applications of Java programming. These platforms provide an easy way for stock traders to buy and sell commodities on different exchanges. Trading software needs to be exceptionally secure and scalable, as any lag could lead to huge losses.
    • ZenTrader and CQG are the two most popular trading platforms that are created using Java for offering traders a simplified way to place orders and manage their trades.
  10. Big Data Solutions
    • There are several Java cloud development tools, frameworks, and libraries for working with big data. The technology offers capabilities to process large amounts of data and assist with deriving valuable insights from it. The popular big data platform, Hadoop, is written using Java. Features like automatic garbage collection and powerful memory management make Java one of the preferred technologies for big data solutions.
    • Apache’s Java-based Hbase and Elastisearch use Java in one way or the other, enabling companies to take advantage of data-based solution development. 

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Wrapping Up

Java is a versatile programming language. It has applications in every industry and with every real-world use case. As a technology for building digital products that directly impact the world, Java is the first choice for enterprises that want to get scalable and robust enterprise applications and solutions. A leading Java software development company like BoTree Technologies can help you achieve the best results using Java. 

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