Thinking about Outsourcing IT Services? Think about the Process first

The outsourcing practices and its quality has evolved drastically in the last decade. The secret of this success lies in charting out meticulous business objectives and processes to attain those objectives. We’ve outlined four important steps to help you develop a plan while working with your outsourcing company.

Step 1: Outline the Objectives Clearly

At BoTreeTechnologies, India’s leading outsourcing service company, it is imperative for us to clearly know the project objectives vis-à-vis timeline. This is the stage wherein we identify the short-term and long-term goals based on the reasons why you are outsourcing. The reasons can vary, but largely include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increasing revenue and its percentage growth
  • Accessing high-quality skills not available internally
  • More productive and focused use of company resources
  • Enhance the quality output and speed of project delivery
  • Decrease the capital amount required on a project

Step 2: Identify the Specific Requirements

The success of any project lies in charting out the specific goals and timeline. A good understanding of goals vis-a-vis scope of services can be crucial. At BoTree, we always focused on translating the specific needs into contractual terms, for which we conduct meetings at several levels.

The meetings include business leaders and the actual target audience for which the project is being executed. Our aim, as a professional outsourcing service company, is to define the process minutely and form realistic goals as per the timeline. The initial series of meetings between stakeholders and people on the execution side is critical in the primary stages.

Step 3: Analyzing Project Costs, Skills and Performance levels.

The success of outsourcing IT services lies in having ca lear cost structure when it comes to labor, supplies, and equipment. It is important to draw a baseline of current costs and the expected performance levels, along with the gap analysis to ensure how each service can be fulfilled in relation to the performance levels.

The baseline estimate helps to ascertain the path moving forward and ensures that any deviation in the future can be monitored. During such estimations, one should not neglect fringe but vital costs like employee occupancy, benefits, and training.

Step 4: Identifying Parameters of Success

While outsourcing IT services, it is always important to designate measurable service parameters upon which the success of the project and business objectives will rely on. These parameters will form the basis upon which the quality of outsourcing services will be defined.

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At BoTree, we define the parameters at the outset of the execution to define process measures and balance scorecards. It helps to track the value provided by us during the outsourcing project.  Some of the generic success parameters for performance evaluation include:
  • Quality
  • Timely execution
  • Financial performance
  • Speed
  • Adaptability
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Client satisfaction

These categories have one or more attributes attached to it, which are different at different levels of the outsourcing process. The attributes have metrics, which are plotted against the desired results. The comparison defines whether the project is a success or a failure.

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