If you’re a project manager, you understand that software development can be a daunting task. They have several resource constraints that can bring them on the backseat. However, many project managers choose to outsource software development. The timely delivery and affordable price make it the right choice for project managers. But as a manager, have you considered all the aspects of software outsourcing services? For one, India is one of the major outsourcing destinations, and the reasons justify its dominance.

Why Managers Outsource Software Development To India

India has been the preferred outsourcing destination for software services since time unknown. The pool of skilled software developers and the affordable cost due to the lower cost of living enables foreign project managers to outsource effectively. By utilizing software outsourcing services from India, project managers can –

  • Reduce operational expenses by almost 60%
  • Restructure their corporation to almost 50%
  • Builds efficiency by nearly 50%

Most Indian software outsourcing partners have skilled developers that are fluent in English and other languages. A primary reason for outsourcing to India is that the IT partners take their work seriously and promote foreign investment to the fullest. The major industries served by the Indian software development outsourcing range from telecommunication, energy, to healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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Tips To Project Managers For Success With Outsourcing Services

If you’re a project manager, you’ll be surprised to know that there was a 57% increase in outsourcing in the US for the year 2018. However, several project managers still struggle to align their software development outsourcing goals with the IT partners. For example, while hiring RoR developers from India, project managers may struggle to understand if the RoR developers would be able to align with their development methodologies. To reduce this type of misalignments, here are a few tips that managers can follow for effective outsourcing management – 

  • Consider Outsourcing Partner As Your Team
    It is a mistake that many project managers make to consider the partner as hired assistance. To reap the maximum benefits from the software development project, they need to consider them as part of the whole team. Ensure that they are bound with the main goal of the project. When you outsource software development, it is necessary to consider them a part of the organization.
  • Communicate Clearly with the IT Outsourcing Company
    The communication barrier is one of the most critical barriers to outsourcing software development. The different cultures call for project managers to understand each one carefully. Constant feedback from the outsourcing team enables them to maintain clear communication which leads to effective software development.
  • Encourage Teamwork and Synergy
    Understanding the Indian culture will help project managers keep them together with the team. They must ensure that every person knows what they are responsible for. 

Outsourcing to India can be an excellent investment for project managers. Even though the challenges are many, every Indian IT outsourcing company takes responsibility for their work and is a reliable source for software development. Indian outsourcing partners also manage their time according to different time zones. If you’re looking to outsource software development, we can help. BoTree Technologies is a leading software development company that works as your extended IT outsourcing company and enables value addition through RoR, Python, RPA, and AI development. Contact us for a FREE Quote.