There’s no two ways about it: technology is an important part of every industry, real estate recruitment included. What’s more, real estate tech is not just for big brokerages either. In fact, surveys have shown that about 60% of real estate companies with fewer than 100 employees are willing to invest in recruitment software.

The question is: why? What is so great about real estate recruitment software that makes it such an appealing investment? Here are just a few things to consider:

You Can Automate Almost Everything

Real estate recruitment involves a lot of repetitive tasks. These include emailing applicants, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, pulling and sorting data, and the like. Your company’s HR or recruitment team spends hours and hours in doing these tasks, when they could be focusing on something else.

With real estate agent recruiting software, you can automate things to speed them up without giving up quality. Just think of the hundreds of customized emails that you can send to your leads with just a click of a button. When such time-consuming tasks are automated, you can allocate more resources to other facets of recruitment such as targeted marketing campaigns.

You Will Receive Accurate Information

The ultimate purpose of recruitment is, of course, to find the best-suited candidate for a job. The problem is that resumes and CVs, which are often a recruiter’s main sources of information about a candidate, can be misleading. In fact, even long-time recruiters can be fooled by carefully crafted resumes.

With the help of real estate recruitment software, you can derive accurate and objective information about a candidate. There’s no padding or exaggerating achievements when you have evidence in your hands. Recruitment software and testing tools will also provide you with results-based information once a candidate has completed an assessment. This way, you can better gauge whether a candidate is truly a good fit for the post and for the real estate app development company.

You Can Eliminate Hiring Biases

Recruiters are human beings and human beings are prone to making biased decisions. Thus, some candidate choices are made based on experiences and feelings, sometimes even on how much an applicant is similar to the recruiter. This simply means that not all hiring decisions are completely accurate and subjective.

Through data provided by a recruitment software and a talent assessment tool, you can avoid making such biased decisions. As a result, the newly hired agent will be more likely to deliver better results. This is because the information you will use to make a decision is purely based on the abilities, knowledge, and skills of the applicant.

You Will Become More Efficient

Efficiency is the goal for most processes in a brokerage, but most especially recruitment. With an efficient and effective recruitment process, you can quickly fill crucial roles. As a result, the brokerage can maintain peak productivity.

With a real estate recruitment software, you can eliminate a lot of paperwork and other tedious tasks. As earlier mentioned, there are various facets of recruitment that can be automated by a recruitment software. This results in the reduction of hiring time, which can then contribute to the reduction of overall hiring costs.

You Can Foster Collaboration

Recruitment is the responsibility of the recruitment team or, if the company doesn’t have a separate unit, the HR department. Even then, hiring often becomes the responsibility of one or two individuals. Through a real estate recruitment software, the process becomes more collaborative. This can result in a more effective hiring process. It also makes your people feel that they have more of a stake in the recruitment process, which can improve the quality of the agents you hire.

You Can Customize It

At their core, all real estate brokerages are the same. Still, each company is different, with unique cultures and needs. Simply put, you also need a unique approach when it comes to recruitment and retention. This is where a recruitment software comes in: you can customize it the way you want so you can more easily achieve your goals.

A good real estate recruitment software won’t tie you down with strict processes. Instead, it gives you multiple tools to use in the best way you see fit. More importantly, it gives you the freedom to customize those tools so you can create a truly individualized process that suits your brokerage.

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It’s easy to understand the reluctance behind using software and other technological tools for real estate recruitment. After all, the industry has done extremely well for so long using traditional methods. Still, with the help of technology, a good process can become even better.

Don’t let the notion that you have to be a big brokerage to invest in technological tools. You don’t need millions to invest in a good recruitment software. Besides, with how much the recruitment process and quality of hires will improve, you’ll easily recoup your investment.