Python for web development has gained significant traction in recent years. Its applications in data science, AI and ML have resulted in huge popularity. Python developers are some of the most in-demand workers in today’s IT world. The rise of Python is attributed to its ease of development and the ability of coders to quickly build marketable products.

Python is now competing with PHP to become the preferred choice for web development. PHP has been reigning for years in web development, but the shift to python development is apparent. Even PHP professionals understand the dynamic developing environment that comes with python. They are increasingly adopting top the programming language for efficient development.

Why Python for Web Development is better

PHP’s triumph over other programming languages for web development but python web applications offer greater flexibility. The modern web development language provides robust features that eliminate certain limitations of PHP. Here are a few reasons that give python development an upper hand over PHP –

  • Simple to Understand:- PHP and Python development, both have a well-documented learning curve. However, Python is simpler to comprehend than PHP. It provides long-term benefits to developers and has a high learning curve due to its applications in data science and artificial intelligence. It is essential to learn Python as the future will have dynamic applications that call for dynamic languages.
  • Easier Syntax:- One of the great things about Python for web development is that it has a more natural syntax. It is quickly readable and is similar to that of the English language. The code looks refined and scores better than PHP.
  • Good Design:- PHP has certain limitations when it comes to design. It is effortless to work with, but the language doesn’t have any delicateness. Python development enables creating a good software design. It is a well-planned language and gets a lot of things right for developers in which PHP lacks behind.

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  • Fewer Debugging Tools:- Python has a plethora of development and debugging tools. Python debugger is one of the popular tools that can easily help in debugging the code. PHP also has useful tools for development, but it requires more time and tools for debugging than python development.
  • Versatile Development:- Python for website development is one use case of the programming language. It has practical uses in machine learning, data science, image processing, mobile, and desktop application development. On the other hand, PHP is used to create website pages as a standard practice and is seldom used for other things.

Python for web development is an easy choice for developers today, considering its wide range of applications. PHP is still going to reign the web development world largely, but things are rapidly changing in the technological world. The need for dynamic programming languages is higher, and python development showcases several opportunities. BoTree Technologies is a leading python development company that helps in building high-performing web applications.

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