The success of any application highly depends on the programming language and framework used in development. Every manager must evaluate the requirements and the desired outcomes of the project. They must also consider whether the framework will be able to deliver quick MVP, provide scalability, flexibility, and how secure it is.

Django web development emerged as the leading player in the framework alternatives to provide all these features. Many developers, after years of experience with different technologies, can confer that Django has been one of their preferred frameworks for building dynamic web applications.

When To Avoid Using Django Web Development

Surprised? Before we begin to understand why you should consider python web development with Django, let’s have a look at why we should not. It will clear any doubts that you have in mind regarding the framework.

  • If you don’t want to utilize a single codebase for your application because of its size, Django isn’t for you. It is better to break up the app into microservices and manage each use-case with a different tech.
  • If you want to build an application from scratch, there are plenty of other easy and simple options like Ruby on Rails available. They make web development simpler for smaller apps.
  • If you and your team don’t have proper knowledge of Django programming and you don’t have the budget to spend on training.

Why You Should Invest In Building A Django Web Application

Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages now because of its applications in artificial intelligence in machine learning. It has added to the popularity of python web development with Django. A few benefits of Django web development are emphasized here –

  • Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn preferred by developers as their first choice all over the world.
  • Companies like Google, Django, Udemy, National Geographic, Facebook, Instagram, etc. deploy Python web development with Django for backend use cases.
  • It is a portable and easy-to-read programming language that enables Python developers to work on different projects and allows new developers to continue with simplicity.
  • Python with Django is extensively used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence applications.

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Building Django Web Applications With Python

Django, as a framework for web application development with Python, offers wonderful features. Some of the reasons to use Django include –

  • Developer-friendly Admin Panel
    Django has an excellent learning curve, and once the developers get familiar with the admin panel, it becomes easier to manage. The Admin is appropriately structured, and developers can use custom templates as well. You don’t need permissions and authentications, which would take essentially take weeks if built from scratch.
  • Extensive Libraries
    Django applications are effortless to build because there are extensive libraries and tools for most functionalities. Django ORM, HTTP libraries, template engines, etc. are some features that make Python web development with Django a great choice. These libraries offer tested code sets that are used by large websites and can be good for developers to use them.
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Django web development enables faster development as compared to other frameworks. Developers can quickly build MVP and offer more time to market. Building a prototype is easy as developers can rapidly define admin UI, database tables, validations, etc.
  • Value Addition
    Other value additions include Django as an open-source platform and enough documentation that can turn rookies into intermediate developers. Developers can find solutions to varied problems by just referring to the literature. Developers can visit stack overflow and get answers to all their questions.

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Django web development offers great capabilities to developers. It provides a great balance between performance, security, scalability, and better flexibility. If you’re looking for a Django web application, we can help. BoTree Technologies is a leading Django development company enabling companies to scale with top-notch applications.

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