If you have chosen Ruby on Rails for your business, you have already taken one step towards success. It is an open-source framework with maximum flexibility that a developer can get during development. Ruby on Rails powers some of the highly popular web applications like GitHub, Basecamp, and even Twitter, in its initial stages.

But even the best web development frameworks are not full-proof. While the framework doesn’t have any inherent problem, developers sometimes make mistakes that can ruin the application. Sometimes there are technical glitches, but human errors are more likely a possibility that the framework’s own issues. Keeping these mistakes in mind, developers will be able to make the most of RoR web development and build top-notch applications.

Most Common Mistakes in Ruby on Rails Development

Most Common Mistakes in Ruby on Rails Web App Development to Avoid

Some developers might think that since they are working on Ruby on Rails, everything is fool-proof. However, nothing is certain, mostly in web development. If you want to boost your business, here are the top RoR web app development mistakes developers should avoid for building better applications –

  • Too Much Dependence on RubyGems
    • Rails developers are heavily depended on RubyGems, and for good reason – it makes coding easier and reduces redundancy. These gems make the application faster and give an excellent boost to your traffic. Checkout top Ruby on Rails gems.
    • However, too much dependence on RubyGems can hinder Ruby on Rails web application development through bugs. Even the best and time-tested gems have bugs that can slip in and destroy the entire code.
    • Before adding any gems, developers must think it through. Every Gem will bring additional dependencies and functionalities with it. They should ensure that only those gems are used, which are truly needed.
  • Excess Logic in the Model
    • While working with Ruby on Rails for web development, developers tend to include everything in ActiveRecord, which is a maintenance challenge.
    • It also gives rise to mongo files that disturb the single responsibility principle. To avoid complex models being fitted into everything, Rails developers can make use of the Plain Old Ruby Objects (PORO). Developers may hesitate to build their own separate classes in RoR, but PORO is actually useful.
    • Things like email notification and API interactions of your app can have their own classes. It doesn’t even disturb the logic of the application.
  • Reliance on Method_missing
    • Well, most developers will not admit it, but overusing method_missing is one of the major things they do when faced with runtime errors. However, this practice is extremely low at runtime.
    • When developers use it in Ruby on Rails app development, Ruby runtime has to jump to the class chain hierarchy and see which method would enable the code to work.
    • To improve this runtime, define_method is much better than method_missing. It will dynamically define the methods when the classes are load and increase runtime drastically.

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Ruby on Rails is a framework that has scaled businesses since its inception. It offers quality web applications that are feature-rich and attract hundreds and thousands of users. By avoiding the above mistakes, developers can ensure that the process of development is smooth, and the application is built to scale in the future.

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