Python is now a choice of many solutions in different areas such as Python web development solutions, data science, and machine learning.  As per a 2018 report, Python has achieved 8.2M active developers and has now surpassed Java in terms of popularity. It has become the second-fastest growing language community with 2.2M new Python developers in 2018. The numbers are still rising. The rise of machine learning is a big contributor to its popularity. More than 69% of machine learning developers and data scientists now use Python.

Reasons to choose Python App Development

There are numerous reasons why organizations prefer python for app development:

  • Python is a scalable language that makes it easy to manage different activities
  • It is highly readable as it is dynamically typed and mandates indentation
  • The several libraries of Python make it readily accessible to developers
  • Python can be used to design prototypes in a very short period

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Quite clearly, if you are a programmer, Python is a great choice. It is easy to understand and versatile enough for any software development company. However, while there is a huge demand for python development services, there is stiff competition for the finest positions. 

Top Python Developer’s Skills

The article covers strong skills which if mastered can help young programmers to enhance their marketability as Python developers and get hired by the best python application development companies. 

  1. Debugging Skills
  2. Understanding of Front-End Technologies 
  3. AI and Machine Learning
  4. Communication Skills
  5. List Comprehension and Slicing 
  6. Design Skills
  7. Analytical Skills
  8. Python Libraries
  9. Expertise in Core Python
  10. Knowledge of Web Frameworks
  1. Debugging Skills – Although Python is a beginner-friendly programming language and easy to start your coding career, there may occur several occasions when the output is different than expected. For such cases, python software development services look for the skill of debugging in a candidate. A simple debugging process includes printing out variable values, modifying the path of the program, stopping the execution of events, and using a debugger.
  1. Understanding of Front-End Technologies – On occasions during python development, developers need to communicate with the frontend teams to ensure that the server-side matches with the client-side. Thus, the knowledge of frontend languages and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, C++, etc can help you to understand how the application is going to appear. Although this is not a must- know skill set, even a working knowledge of it is more than welcome.
  1. AI and Machine Learning – Both AI and Machine learning are growing fields. Python is a great programming language for both areas. Professionals and budding data scientists should heavily invest their time in honing different machine learning topics including Python. 
  1. Communication Skills – No, the developers don’t work in silos. Large projects require big teams to coordinate activities amongst themselves and stay on track. In any python application development company, the ultimate productivity and quality can only be achieved only with effective and continuous communication. The developers in any python app development team need to communicate not only to get their stuff done but also to keep the paperwork ready and clear so that the teams and their members can read and follow.
  1. List Comprehension and Slicing – These are considered the most overriding features of python development. Slicing can be implemented to strings and is gifted enough to cut out parts of the list. List Comprehension is a mechanism to build a new list based on the current list. This helps to eradicate different lines of the loop into a single line and easily understand the syntax. Therefore, having good knowledge of both List Comprehension and Slicing is a plus point for any Python developer. 
  2. Design Skills – Some python web app development companies don’t only look for a perfect coder but also someone who can help in designing scalable long-term products and implement servers in such a way that they are highly available. Knowledge about major Python frameworks such as Django and Flask is a plus as python can work in both client and server-side programming.
  1. Analytical Skills – Just like any programming language, Python developers also need good analytical skills, apart from their proficiency in the language. A good understanding of algorithms helps in writing better and non-redundant codes, visualising datasets, etc.   
  1. Python Libraries – Approximately all languages have their own libraries. The availability of a library and its ultimate usability affect the usage rate of any language. Libraries are meant to make python web development company life easier as it aids in faster and more efficient execution of work. Python doesn’t have its own mobile development capabilities, but there are library packages that can be used to create mobile applications, like Kivy, Beeware’s Toga library, etc. These libraries are all major players in python mobile development. 
    A good python developer should be aware of the different libraries that can be useful in different projects.
  1. Knowledge of Web Frameworks – Any good Python developer must have proficiency in either of the two web frameworks Django or Flask or both. Django is a Python Web Framework that encourages a clean and realistic design while Flask is also a widely used Python micro web framework. Comprehensive familiarity with Front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is also a plus.
  1.  Expertise in Core Python – A strong foundation in Core Python is a mandate for becoming a successful Python developer. Core Python concepts include:  
  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • Concept of Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • Data Structures
  • Variables and Datatypes
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling Concepts

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Your skillset is your sword. You must sharpen it to ensure maximum impact in a single swing. In programming, world learning is synonymous with growth. Gaining additional skills is not only beneficial but it also makes the path more interesting and challenging. Working on your skills will support you to fetch a great job and set your career on the right path in 2022. Taking up courses, attending webinars, teaching others, engaging in the programming community, etc are among the many ways you can become a better Python programmer. 

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