38.87% of recruiters demand Python programming skills while hiring developers. Among developers globally, Python was the 4th most used programming language in 2021, with a market share of 48.07%. Enterprises globally are looking for experts in enterprise Python software development for advanced applications and solutions. 

Developers are building AI-based apps, interactive games, data science solutions, desktop apps, GUI solutions, and whatnot with Python application development tools. It is an all-purpose programming language that delivers the best of everything.

Why do developers and companies prefer Python for app development? While it has diverse use cases, Python offers added benefits. For one, it has simple syntax much similar to English. Python is scalable, versatile, and useful for multiple applications.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are two of the most recent trends that make Python app development hugely popular. They work on the power and prowess of Python. The programming language has frameworks, libraries, and tools to create such solutions. And that’s what we are going to look at in this article.

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Top 10 Tools for Python App Development

Enterprise Python software development is complex. It requires several elements and APIs for a fully functional interface. Python has the tools that simplify enterprise app development. Let us look at these tools in detail. 

  1. PyCharm
    • It is counted amongst the most important enterprise software development tools. As a powerful IDE, PyCharm is everything that a Python developer needs. It comprises a smart code editor, navigation, intuitive interface, debugger, GUI-based test runner, and a lot of other things. 
    • PyCharm works well in integration with Visual Studio. It is compatible with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other modern-day technologies. PyCharm also has a few built-in databases for debugging and profiling. The IDE supports Python 2 and from Python 3.6 to 3.11.
  1. Django
    • One of the favourite frameworks of every Python developer at any software development company, Django is all things Python. It is the default web development framework used for best Python application development.
    • It is a batteries-included framework with a handy and pleasant ORM. The framework offers security features like XSS prevention, CRSF prevention, and more. Django is highly useful in numerical computation and statistical analysis, making it a popular choice for Data Science applications. 
  1. Scikit-Learn
    • When it comes to Data Science, Python is replete with tools and libraries. Scikit-Learn is an open-source tool useful for data mining and analysis. It can perform different benchmarks on toy datasets at a much faster pace than anything else. 
    • Scikit-Learning is amongst popular Python tools for app development which aids in classification, clustering, regression, dimensionality reduction, model selection, and preprocessing of data. Developers and engineers worldwide use the tool for Data Science solutions. It has friendly APIs that enable the complete development of Machine Learning apps.
  1. Keras
    • You can’t talk about Python without talking about Keras. The best Python application development process of Machine Learning used by enterprise IT departments comprises Keras in some or the other way. It is a powerful tool for deep neural network development and numerical computations. 
    • Keras runs smoothly on top of other neural network frameworks. This includes TensorFlow, CNTK, Theano, and several more. It simplifies the process of troubleshooting the code by providing easy error messages. Its open-source nature makes it accessible to contributors for neural network expansion.
  1. Plyer
    • There are plenty of tools for Python mobile development, and Plyer is one of them. It is a platform-independent API that enables developers to create mobile apps using Python in software development. Plyer helps with access to native functions like camera, flash, and more. 
    • Plyer is an external library that changes based on the particular platform of execution. It offers a great way to create mobile applications and simplifies the process of development. Plyer takes advantage of Python’s capabilities in creating interactive and dynamic mobile apps.
  1. Kivy
    • Another useful framework for Python application development for mobile is Kivy. Kivy is amongst the open-source Python developer tools which enables developers to build interactive and cross-platform apps that can run smoothly on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.
    • Kivy offers a Natural User Interface (NUI) that enables app development at a faster pace. It is an open-source framework with a wide variety of widgets to create mobile apps using Python. Kivy has powerful documentation that offers step-by-step instructions on API distribution. 
  1. Selenium
    • One of the most popular web application frameworks, Selenium, is amazing for agile testing in Python and app development. Selenium is helpful in writing test scripts for languages like Java, C#, and PHP. 
    • Developers use many enterprise software development tools like Selenium to run tests on multiple operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It offers manual, automated, and even cross-browser testing for Python web development solutions. The framework is open-source, enabling contributors to multiply its effectiveness in building Python apps.
  1. Beautiful Soup
    • Need to extract data from HTML and XML files? Beautiful Soup is here for you. It is an amazing Python library that integrates with any parser for navigating, searching, and modifying a parse tree. It converts incoming documents to Unicode without any hassle.
    • Beautiful Soup is a great enterprise Python software development tool that can save tons of work. Web scraping is essential when it comes to sending inputs and outputs. Therefore, by using Beautiful Soup, Python developers can easily extract data from such documents.
  1. SciPy
    • Scientific and technical computing become easier with SciPy. It is a popular open-source library for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. NumPy, IPython, and Pandas are other packages that SciPy leverages for Data Science solutions.
    • SciPy is amongst the best Python development tools and offers amazing capabilities to manipulate numbers. It provides visualized results from the task as well. SciPy is all things Data Science as it is amazing for numerical computation, scientific analysis, statistics, and much more than developers can imagine.
  1. QPython
    • Every developer has heard of QPython – it is the one-stop solution for building an app. Any application development company will vouch for the usefulness of QPython as amongst the top Python application development tools. It is an on-device script engine that has an interpreter, console, editor, and an SL4A library for simplifying application development. 
    • QPython can run a plethora of applications like web apps, backend apps, GUI, and several others. It offers support for libraries like Kivy, NumPy, OpenCV, Tornado, and many more. 

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Python is the first choice for app development – both amongst enterprises and developers. It has countless tools that simplify creating an application – whether for an enterprise or for consumers. Companies considering Python can enjoy basking in the amazing tools and capabilities that Python offers to create interactive applications and solutions.

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