According to a report by Bacancy, 18.62% of the websites are built using ruby on rails web application development. Some of the most popular web applications based on Ruby on rails include Airbnb, GitHub, Basecamp, Couchsurfing and even the initial structure of Twitter was created using the framework. It is, therefore, no surprise that ruby on rails is the 3rd most popular programming language on the entire web.

Ruby on Rails is not new – and in 2021, it’s more relevant than ever. When the tech industry is in need for more investment – one way is to save money. Ruby on Rails makes web development affordable and enables companies to reach the top of the game without any hassle. 

Today, most businesses must come across Ruby on Rails when they talk about web applications. Since the framework is so easy-to-use and inexpensive, it makes sense for them to explore it. Ruby on Rails provides complete transparency and flexibility in development. Because it offers a plethora of integrations, developers can incorporate features that are not available in other frameworks.

Since its inception in 2004, ruby on rails has charmed web developers with its caliber to build high-performing & interactive web applications. From local businesses to bigger brands, ruby on rails has powered countless websites and augmented their business capabilities with its simple yet effective development framework.

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7 Reasons to Invest in Ruby on Rails

The cross-platform web development framework is known for its ability to kick start the startup ecosystem. However, with the integration of newer technologies, almost every ruby on rails development company is now able to scale their client’s business to the next level of performance.

There’s a myth that Ruby on Rails is dead. On the contrary, as the economies get back to normal again, tech companies require frameworks that can help them achieve self-sufficiency. Ruby on Rails developers have the skillset and resources to make any web application independent of the circumstances. Since there will be a growth in startups again, Ruby on Rails will become more relevant than ever. The framework is often termed as the “startup technology.”

  • Customization of App
    The interactive tools available with the ruby on rails framework allow developers to add interesting features in the web application. With these tools, the app can be iteratively customised, the code can be reused, and it saves overall time in development.
  • Lowers Development Time
    Any ruby on rails web development company will agree to the fact that ruby on rails reduces the application development time by nearly 25% to 50% when seamlessly structured & executed. There are several pre-installed plugins & diverse modules that reduce the time & mitigate the problem of creating long codes.
  • Effective E-commerce Integration
    E-commerce has now become the primary focus of every business that wants to reach its customer everywhere. With ruby on rails development, startups are able to manage a database of customers, integrated support services and offer a platform that provides them a better return on their investment.
  • Diverse Libraries
    The rich libraries available for Ruby on rails offer modules & support that are easily one of the best in the development world. These libraries are called gems which can be integrated with simple functions to enhance their capabilities. Payment mechanism & authorization are some functionalities that can be made better with large the RubyGems community.
  • Simplicity in Coding
    Ruby on rails is considered as one of the most easily readable & workable programming languages. Ruby on Rails web application development has code that is similar to natural language. The coding conventions are cleaner making it easy to track where the code started & ended. Every ruby developer can understand the code if it’s left incomplete by previous developers.

  • Increases productivity
    Ruby on Rails increases the developer productivity by 25% to 40%. Companies often want software that can lead to rapid outcomes of high-quality. Rails is efficient and timely – it focuses on achieving the end-result without much hassle. Ruby on Rails web applications are more bug-free because of the autonomy that comes with an enhanced productivity in development. 
  • Agile development
    Ruby on Rails is fast and works smoothly with agile project management. Since modifications don’t take a lot of time, iterations become easier in the framework. Companies can quickly deliver applications and rapidly release newer versions as they fix bugs and errors in their existing applications. Agile methodology simplifies the development process by offering RoR developers quick access to changes. 

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In this article, we looked at how Ruby on Rails is more relevant than ever. We also understand that Ruby on Rails is a growing framework and is still used in 2021 as a major tool for web development. After that, we looked at the top 7 reasons businesses prefer to invest in Ruby on Rails.

Being an open-source framework, Ruby on Rails offers several great features to startups for interactive web application development. It is a powerful & highly used programming language that has captivated developers worldwide. Companies must step in and take advantage of the opportunities that ruby on rails has to offer for their progress.

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