Agile Software development managers play a crucial role in every project. They work as leaders, initiators, collaborators, and motivators, apart from just being managers. Since agile calls for process efficiency, managers overlook its proper implementation.

Agile development methodology requires good quality code, regular feedback, and stable implementation infrastructure. Software development managers ensure their alignment with business objectives. Huge organizations with several teams and projects have many project managers. Defining responsibilities gives consistent results to the entire organization.

Responsibilities Of Agile Software Development Managers

Every agile project clearly defines what everyone needs to do. Teams, product owners, scrum masters have well-defined responsibilities. The agile software development framework has no guidelines for product managers. They are the key that unlocks the door to proper collaboration, monitor standardized processes, and assist in delivering exceptional products. Agile managers must have the following responsibilities for harmonious output –

  • Communicate Standard Practices
    • Standard practices are what agile software development methodology a significant success. Teams must carefully comprehend these best practices and standards for high-quality product development.
    • Many times, experienced professionals stary away from these practices while rookies make mistakes in their implementation.Agile software development managers must understand the attitude of team members. They must align everyone’s skills with the best practices for implementation.
    • By communicating correctly, they can ensure that there’s harmony between what’s standard and what needs to be changed.
  • Create A Balance In Agile Implementation
    • Several features and stories are involved in agile implementation. However, if they are overly prescriptive, it can limit the development team. It leads to a specific implementation, which might be challenging and tight on the budget.
    • When product owners are rigid on implementation practices, agile software development managers must step in. They must explore varied options with the product owners and figure out the best one to implement.
    • If there are poorly structured user stories, product managers must lead the team away from its implementation. They must ensure that the team switches to better stories for the right results.
  • Deliver Releases On A Deadline
    • More than anything, agile managers are responsible for delivering a stable version of the deadline. Poor management is pervasive in development teams, but agile commits to its mitigation. When execution falls back on time, agile development managers must reassess the situation.
    • The product manager is responsible for determining the bottlenecks in the process and find their solution. Every team loses track of the process from time to time. It is the manager’s responsibility to identify the right actions and bring them back. They must regularly collect and review data to ensure the process is flowing smoothly.
    • Managers need to ensure that the development process is on schedule and the releases will be available on the required date.
  • Prioritize Innovation And Technical Governance
    • The goal of product owners is to make the stakeholders happy. This means features that might be different from the set priorities. They are under constant pressure to fulfill these requirements, which means fewer chances of innovation. Sometimes, technical glitches might also be missed due to the rigorous nature of deadlines and the project.
    • Product managers must ensure that the teams, product owners, and scrum masters are not demoralized with such pressure. Challenging projects need innovation. Product managers see that the teams have appropriate time to innovate and experiment while keeping in mind the original product requirements.

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Agile software development managers must be masters of diverse thinking and quick problem-solving. They need to manage and the team and perform with it. Their responsibilities must be clearly defined, and they should ensure agile goals are met.

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