Project managers play a distinct role in the development process. They are responsible for goal setting to the performance measurement of every project. By working on the following aspects, project managers can identify areas where they need to contribute the maximum – 

  1. Deciding Development Methodology
    • While developers still use the waterfall methodology of development, agile software development reigns the entire process. However, the project manager must weight the pros and cons of the methodology based on each project.
    • Short term projects may not require agile and thus, can be completed with a linear development process. It is important that project managers discuss with high-end developers to ensure that the right process is followed.
  2. Realizing Developer Challenges
    • One of the major challenges in the software development process is that developers struggle in managing it. They are creative and productive but can fail miserably if a lot of activities are unloaded on them. Project managers play an essential role in coordinating and managing the resources of the project.
    • They must align all the resources and ensure that each developer has access to the required resources. This will lead to minimum time and money wastage in the software development process.
  3. Defining Project Goals
    • By defining what the goal of the project is, the task becomes simpler and easier. Although it is a cliche, some project managers still fail to accomplish this simple task.
    • They must conduct requirement engineering and properly define what goals and milestones must be achieved at every stage of the process. This enables them to prepare a blueprint for the entire development process.
  4. Ensure Proper Communication
    • Project managers must set up a proper communication flow through the entire software development process. Developers must be able to communicate smoothly internally and externally as it impacts the entire project.
    • When project managers ensure that the right information is reaching the right people, they can be sure that the process is going to be as swift as a breeze. Communication is almost always the key to a successful software development project.
  5. Receive Regular Feedback
    • One of the most important things a project manager can do is to receive regular feedback from the development team. Their efforts will be maximized when they feel the project manager is addressing their concerns.
    • The main thing is to develop a culture of regular feedback mechanism that encourages people to provide an appropriate evaluation of their efforts. 

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Today, there are thousands of software development companies that have vague responsibilities for a project manager. To ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, they must articulate what a project manager is responsible for.

Once that is done, managers can work upon the above points to augment the software delivery process. If you’re looking for a team that can assist you in your software development needs, we can help. BoTree Technologies has dedicated project managers for each software development process, and they help you augment your capabilities by delivering world-class products.

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