When you hear the word “Sales”, one automatically decides that it’s a simple job and that anyone can do it. However, have you thought about the sales processes which then assists in lead generation?

Be it an IT company or an Insurance company, Sales team proves to be the backbone of the organization. But, organizations tend to ignore this aspect and focus on the core strengths only(Example, the technology in the case of an IT company). Neither is Sales easy nor is it to be taken lightly.

Consider the following example:

An IT company, providing top-notch IT services/products, USP being its technical expertise! Is it a fool-proof product on its way to success?


A strong technical team can make the greatest quality products, but a Sales team will:

  1. Know better about the target market
  2. Focus on building a healthy relationship with the prospects/clients
  3. Bridge the gap between the technical team and the client

Moreover, if the technical team were to focus on managing the client, prospecting as well as focusing on the product, it would be a great mess in the end.

IT Companies are in an Impression that Technical Expertise Would Help them Excel

Sales team

Most of the organization just focusing on their technical team and believing that is enough for them. But that’s not working they may face many problems in handling the client.

A fool-proof product/service is must have:

  • Core product: The motive behind the creation of the product, i.e. the main benefit.

E.g. creation of a website is to have an online presence.

  • Generic product: The features which are necessary for the functionality.

E.g. The technology the website needs to be built on, say HTML or rails etc.

  • Expected product: This signifies the requirement of the client.

E.g. The client wants an easy to edit, fast processing, no extra cost website.

  • Augmented product: The level where the product is different from others in the market.

E.g. Website shall be SEO friendly, and assistance shall be provided for the initial steps to be followed for it.

  • Potential product: What the future holds for the product. This results in customer delight.

E.g. Post-delivery support and quality maintenance as an ongoing process.

Now, you see, the first two levels can be managed by the technical team and shall have the best possible results. But, this doesn’t complete the product, it further requires an expertise in understanding the market and the customer. The Sales team helps in completing the levels of a product, making it a ready to sell.

Challenges A Company Shall Face, If They Don’t Have A Dedicated Sales Team:

Targeting & Positioning: The Sales team has a greater understanding of the market they want to tap, thereon, “how to pitch” and “what to pitch” becomes tricky and thus becomes a continuous learning process.

Above all, the organization sets targets for the Sales Team to achieve.

Never give up: This was the biggest challenge is when one has to tackle rejection. It seems easy to let go but requires a certain mindset, to let go, learn and thereon improvise the pitch.

Competitive Market-Lower cost: A study of the market is crucial. IT has become a very competitive market, where the major factor of competition is the price. Negotiation and delivery become an add-on.

The trade-off between Time and productivity: The good salesman is one who uses their time in a manner which achieves productivity without deviating from the goal.

The Significance of Sales in Any Organization:

In an organization, the sales play a vital part in the acquisition and retention of business. The interesting and main part of sales is the bridge gap between the potential client’s needs and the services that the organization offers that can satisfy their requirement.

The salesperson is dealing with the prospect who doesn’t have much technical knowledge and it’s their responsibility to close the deal by giving necessary information and helping the prospect. They play a key role in the building loyalty and trust amongst the client and the organization. This is the reason behind why a client would suggest your organization to relative or companion and give feedback regarding your services, which gives you referral business and further helps your business grow.

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