Learn more how Ruby on Rails Developers builds MVP prototypes in a quick and efficient way

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework and object-oriented programming language. It uses MVC (Model-View-Control) mode, built-in support unit testing and integration testing. The efficiency of Ruby on Rails development is key for developing an MVP.

The major focus for MVP development is speed and affordability – two factors that make Ruby on Rail framework the best framework for building MVP.

An MVP for a startup is the prototype for any idea. It is the first release of the product that helps to test the market. Launching a quick MVP for your business enables you to identify the problems with the product and improve them in further versions.

The faster a company can launch a prototype, the better they can identify the problems and get a competitive advantage.

Ruby on Rails reduces the application development time by 25% to 40%. That’s why it’s also known as the right technology for startup’s MVP. Many startups and companies begin with Rails development to eliminate any time-consuming process.

The simple coding and reusable components improve the app development speed without much hassle. And since it is an affordable technology that helps build faster products, companies have no problem in choosing it over other frameworks like Django, Flask, Angular.js, and more.

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Let’s understand the reasons that make RoR development perfect for building an MVP for projects and applications for startups.

Here are five main reasons why Ruby on Rails is the first choice for building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for any start-up:

  • Focuses on Simplicity
    • Ruby on Rails developers finds this programming language easy to understand. The language prefers convention over configuration. It is the best framework for building MVP that does not need complex configurations, which saves precious time of developers, helping them focus on quick and clean coding.
    • The founders of Ruby on Rails did not want to create a complex and highly sophisticated programming environment. Their focus was on giving developers an environment in which they are comfortable and can deliver fast, efficient and clean.
  • Ruby on Rails is Open Source
    • One of the biggest advantages of Ruby on Rails for MVP development is that its an open-source web-based framework. It gives the developers great access to free libraries.
    • Ready to use, pre-built and well-tested pieces of code help developers speed up MVP development with complex applications. These pieces of codes give a great head-start for Ruby on Rails developers. The ease and speed with which MVP prototypes are developed are of great help to the developers.
  • Plugin Ecosystem
    • Ruby on Rails has a vast plugin ecosystem known as RubyGems. There are feature-rich plugins and libraries for almost every functionality. Whether you want to add a payment gateway or test the application, there’s a RubyGem for it. Development in Ruby on Rails becomes simpler when there are plugins that can provide functionalities without confusing developers with redundancies in coding similar programs.
    • The RubyGems reduce the development time by eliminating the need to write the code from scratch. There’s a RubyGem for almost everything – therefore, developers don’t need to worry about crossing the deadline threshold.
  • Secure and Stable
    • Several updates released on a regular basis keep Ruby on Rails framework very secure. It is one of the key reasons why entrepreneurs with new start-ups opt for Ruby on Rails development in order to keep the data secure.
    • Over the years, Ruby on Rails has evolved with the addition of great features like Object-oriented & functional programming, seamless compatibility with AngularJS and multi-platform compatibility.
  • Ruby on Rails offers Flexibility
    • Ruby on Rails framework does not bind application with any database. This allows the backend database to be altered without any risk of affecting the coding. MVP development is a step-by-step gradual process and demands several changes in short periods.
    • In this scenario, Ruby on Rails developers make it very easy to build MVP for startup and the environment is flexible enough to make the required changes. This advantage makes Ruby on Rails a great tool for developing MVP prototypes.
  • Vast and Active Community
    • It’s been over a decade now that Ruby on Rails came forth in the development world. Since then, it has an active developer community. Being open-source, it has allowed free access to software libraries and support from the community.
    • These features allow building a complex Ruby on Rails application and MVP for projects in a quick and efficient manner. During the development process, several developers get stuck. It is likely that they will find solutions from the active community. Rubygems has more than 150k gems and 31 billion downloads, making it extremely popular.
  • More time-to-Market
    • One of the biggest reasons Rails development is so popular is because it provides more time-to-market the product. When MVPs are ready, they can directly be launched in the market. Companies can market their product without any delays.
    • Since the prototypes are ready, it also gives companies a competitive advantage. Products that use Django and Angular.js may take some time to develop – mostly due to the complexities. However, RoR development eliminates these complications, offering a feature-rich product in no time.

SSeveral popular start-ups have used Ruby on Rails for their initial MVP development. These include Twitter, Github, AirBnB, BaseCamp, and others.

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Conclusion: Rails is perfect for MVPs in 2021

In today’s world, a company with a competitive advantage has a higher chance to win in the industry. They get more time for product promotion and acquiring venture capital. Ruby on Rails eliminates the bottlenecks in the development process and increases the development speed twofold. Several popular start-ups have used Ruby on Rails development for creating an MVP of different products. These include Twitter, Github, Airbnb, Basecamp, and others.

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