The app is modernizing the way that people appreciate and consume cannabis.

It enables the discovery of curated, innovative, high-quality products. It is the destination that brings creators together with people who care about style and functionality, where consumers can interact with products to help shape the future of the industry. It is also changing perception and making cannabis more approachable with insightful and engaging products.

Services Provide
  • Online Marketplace - E-commerce
  • Web Application Development
  • Automated Testing
Technologies Use
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Spree Commerce
  • Amazon AWS

Business Problem/Challenges

  1. Provide a marketplace platform to connect cannabis products suppliers and the people who care about style.
  2. Manage suppliers and their products seamlessly.
  3. Implement complex image processing for products images.
  4. On demand image process based on device/resolution
  5. Customized tracking of all user interaction for analytics
  6. Very interactive dashboard for insightful reports for the suppliers
  7. Avail wishlist for customer and quick checkout form there
  8. Implement infinite scrolling for product listing page withing no time
  9. Highly Responsive web pages


  1. Customized core Spree to use make it full featured marketplace where suppliers can manage and sell their products.
  2. Implemented complex multifaceted filters(by state, price, most popular product, Launch date etc..) and full-text search to find the desired products in a robust way.
  3. Users can save the products in a wishlist with single click and effectively manage those products in the profile page. Connect the supplier of those products with the user without any hassle.
  4. Used Rails built in turbolink feature with jQuery effectively to load products in withing no to give great user experience with infinite scrolling.
  5. Highly responsive web pages to make it accessible to all screen size, from Mobile to the large desktop.
  6. Implemented customized tracking solution using Rails plugin (Ahoy) to track major movements of the users on the website. The client wanted more detailed and precise reports then what other analytics provides like google analytics.
  7. The most challenging part was image processing and handling loading based on the device or resolution. Implemented solution to load images on homepage based on the device or resolution. Manage image quality based on the resolution. Pragmatically crop product image before uploading to make it an exact fit for the screen.

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