The client is a TechStars company with a funding of over $ 2M.

The solution is changing the way users buy Health Insurance. The platform analyses various health insurance plans from a number of insurance companies to help you choose a plan that fits your needs the best.

Technologies Used
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JQuery
  • Algolia Search
  • PDF parsing
Services Provided
  • Web Development
  • Software Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Business Problem

The client had little funding and a very strict deadline to deliver a very accurate and performant platform for selecting Health Insurance.

An MVP was in place which had to be refined and made enterprise-ready in a very short time. There was no documentation and no way to properly parse the PDFs received from the insurance providers.


  1. We worked on developing an intelligent PDF parsing mechanism to save time and cost involved in parsing PDFs from different providers and accumulated all of them in a consistent format.
  2. Our team developed a separate algorithm to test the accuracy of the data and refined the extracted data to ensure that relevant information is provided. We built a number of prototypes to test the efficacy of each stage.
  3. We improved search and data aggregation to reduce the resources involved in searching insurance data and eased the process for customers.


Have a look at the top features that our developers incorporated into the solution.

UX Improvement

Our team improved the UX and made it more intuitive so that the users searching for insurance policies can easily navigate through the application.

Better Search

We improved the search performance by re-architecture which improved the performance of the application and enabled better search for policies.

Automated Data Extraction

The data extraction from PDF files was automated to ensure that the process was completed quickly and reduce the cost by a factor of 10.

Refined Search Results

The automated PDF parsing system provided refined search results which enabled the users to only get relevant information based on filters.

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