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We provide AI solutions for data-driven insights & self-sustaining process optimization.

We are professionals in Artificial Intelligence Development in New York providing top-notch AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two fields that cannot be ignored in today’s business world. Hire professional AI developers in New York from BoTree Technologies and increase your operational efficiency with real-time AI solutions.

We enable cloud-based AI application deployment, providing you with the opportunity to serve your application with an integrated database and deliver on-time outcomes without human intervention. Our focus is to build AI solutions that complement your workforce and act as a support system for your organization.

Maximize your ROI

As Artificial Intelligence experts in NYC, we focus on maximizing your ROI by reducing human administration costs and increasing the accuracy of data-driven insights.

Deliver Better Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence enables enterprises to create intelligent outcomes from processes, and our developers have proven experience in creating solutions that deliver promising results.

Achieve Analysis Goals

With our AI developers NYC, your analysis & research goals which are often unmet, shall be accomplished through an innovative and creative approach to analytics.

Artificial Intelligence Development Company NYC with a bouquet of AI-based solution offerings

We redefine artificial intelligence development. Our focus is to transform the backend complications of AI into the frontend simplifications for the users of your application. We provide artificial intelligence developers in New York that are experts in a range of services.

Chatbot Development

Our AI developers have developed chatbots with applications spanning across sectors like customer service, elderly assistance, employee training, and marketing. We have also enabled self-learning capabilities in Skype and Facebook for organizations to better serve their customers.

Machine Learning Applications

We have built cloud-enabled machine learning applications for the HR function of organizations to effectively manage their human resource. Our developers have a concrete experience of writing algorithms that are required to make creative machine learning applications.

Predictive and Data Analysis

Our focused AI development experts NYC help in deriving sensible insights from unstructured data and deliver actionable outcomes to achieve efficiency. We enable data analysis by extracting valuable information from data and creating AI solutions to derive the maximum value from that.

User Experience Enhancement

We provide maximum customer satisfaction through building AI solutions that are easy to understand and enhance the user experience. Our team of developers simplify the AI solutions to a great extent so that the users of your application can have a smooth interaction while the backend works on their data.

Application Expertise

Data Driven Applications

We build comprehensive AI roadmaps that are based on massive data to generate insights and optimize operations for your business. Our AI developers NYC build data-driven applications that self-learn from the environment and deliver value to customers. Some of these include high-quality customer service bots that answer customer queries and get better with each interaction.

As experts that build data-centric applications, we focus on extracting valuable insights for crucial decision making. Whether it’s making sense of unstructured data from reports or analyzing sales data for predicting future patterns, we can help you by building various operation augmenting AI applications.

Secure Applications

While we deploy AI applications on the cloud, we understand the risks involved related to the security of data. Especially enterprise applications, where data can make or break an important decision. We match the International compliances of security and our expert developers ensure complete cybersecurity of the application.

We are Artificial Intelligence New York experts building applications keeping in mind the high-performing businesses in the city. Our developers provide biometric application security, pattern analysis, image recognition, and other AI-based operations using secure filters.

BoTree Technologies is a professional Artificial Intelligence Development Company, New York with clients in over 10+ countries

Today artificial intelligence is taking over the business world, and if you’re not capitalizing on it, then you are losing revenue generation opportunities. As a professional AI development company, we enable you to generate the maximum ROI through your AI applications. If you have an idea, we have the AI skills to transform that idea into reality.

Diversified Offerings

From image recognition to extracting information and providing insights, our AI developers NYC provide a plethora of services to augment your business operations.

Cloud Enablement

We build artificial intelligence applications that are deployed on the cloud to provide real-time results to your business and serve customers in the best way possible.

Rapid Delivery

Our AI developers follow the agile methodology of development which results in rapid prototyping of the product and delivery within your desired timeframe.

Support & Maintenance

We provide 24x7 support so that your AI application bugs and issues can be resolved quickly, and a 100% uptime can be achieved while serving your clients.

Accelerate business growth with AI applications from BoTree!

Hire an expert Artificial Intelligence development company in New York for a smart application

We have built applications for clients across the globe. Our developers know no boundaries when it comes to building world-class applications. We have served a plethora of industries and continue to expand our horizon.

Technologies We Use

How do we make you lead? By working with the latest tools and technologies in the industry.

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Our developers have made some of the best artificial intelligence solutions enabling enterprises to maximize their revenue. Have a look at our work -

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