The Achievement

  1. Implementation of skype bot using Microsoft bot framework.
  2. A fast and interactive query session parsing in a fraction of seconds.
  3. To understand user demand and prepare analysis reports, continuous data analysis was performed.
  4. The entire process of event inquiry of upcoming, past and other information made very simple.
Services Provide
  • Web Development
  • Software Testing
  • Skype Chatbot
Technologies Use
  • NodeJs
  • Microsoft Bot framework

Business Problem

Our existing client Rob owns a resort, he always gets too many inquiries about booking. To answer those round the clock, he needs someone to interact with the customer. For customers he also needs a reservation system.


  1. Provided an Artificial Intelligence-based Skype bot to interact with customers for event booking and queries.
  2. Also provides lead generation using skype bot which eventually delivers new opportunities.

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