Businesses are moving towards AI Software Products. In fact, a recent study proves this claim by saying that nine out of ten companies prefer AI assistance to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. So, every company has started integrating AI-based software products into their setups.

But what are the most popular AI software products of 2023? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right spot.

Here, we’ll share a list of the ten best AI-based software products that have remained most popular throughout 2023. So, let’s begin this listicle guide.

10 Best AI Software Products in 2023:

In the following list, you will find the basic working and some featured highlights of the ten best AI tools for business. So, let’s get to the list.

Paraphrasing Tool - Paraphraser

Figure 1: This image shows the main UI of’s paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool of is a state-of-the-art sentence rephraser and word changer tool. It takes assistance from Natural Language Processing (NLP) and GPT-3 to rewrite the entered text without changing its context.

The NLP technology assists this web utility in detecting and maintaining the context during paraphrasing. On the other hand, the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) neural network helps this software in the actual rewriting procedure. So, that’s how the paraphrasing tool of is an AI innovation that produces human-level paraphrasing. 

A Few Featured Highlights of this Software:

  • The power of the GPT-3 neural network is immense because it has been trained with the data samples of books, Common Crawl, web texts and Wikipedia. Therefore, this AI paraphrasing tool will always provide readable and plagiarism-free outputs.
  • The AI system has multiple modes of web-based software that are enough to answer the diverse needs of people. 
  • Since this is an AI-based paraphrasing tool, it can rewrite the text in 22 popular languages.
  • Compared to the other AI paraphrasing tools, its word count limit is quite reasonable because you can paraphrase 600 words for free. However, if you want to increase the limit of this word changer and sentence rephraser, you must purchase its premium plan.
Plagiarism Checker - Free & Accurate with Percentage

Figure 2: This picture represents the main interface of PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker

The plagiarism checker of PrePostSEO is a freemium tool that enables you to determine whether your textual content is 100% original or plagiarized. As one of the AI software programs that takes assistance from artificial intelligence and its own deep search algorithm to determine the content-originality status of assignments, blogs, essays and research papers. 

The AI-based solutions assists this web-based software in detecting duplicate content and generating a report of the entire session. On the other hand, the deep search algorithm helps this tool quickly perform deep searches on the internet and determine the content-originality status. So, that’s how this AI-based plagiarism checker can quickly and accurately check if your content contains plagiarism.

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Some Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • The power of this AI plagiarism checker allows it to check the plagiarism of text written in 20 different languages.
  • This web-based software scans and compares various archived theses and online resources to determine the content-originality status of the entered text. So, you can trust the results of its plagiarism scan.
  • It provides some advanced plagiarism-checking options. For instance, before performing the scan for plagiarism, you can check the ‘Exclude Quotes’ box and add a URL in the ‘Enter Exclude URL’ box. Doing so will instruct this tool to ignore the entered URL and the text enclosed in quotes during scanning for plagiarism.
  • You can import the document file directly from Google Drive into this software. So, this tool saves you from the hassle of downloading the file from Google Drive.
  • This software will allow you to generate citations with one click if your content contains plagiarism.
  • You can download the stats of the entire plagiarism scan in PDF or HTML files.
Grammar check - Ai-based punctuation and grammar fixer

Figure 3: This image shows the main UI of’s grammar checker

The Grammar Check from is one of the free AI-based solutions that eliminates grammatical errors with one click. It takes assistance from machine learning and various NLP-based techniques.

The NLP assists this web software in understanding and processing the human language and eventually performing writing enhancements. But NLP is only applicable with proper training. Therefore, to train the NLP technology with high-quality training data in the form of a text corpus, this tool takes assistance from machine learning. And that’s how this grammar checker can quickly spot punctuation, grammatical and common spelling errors.

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A Few Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • If you’ve stored the document file in Dropbox, you won’t have to download that file. Instead, you can directly import that file by integrating your Dropbox account with this software. So, it saves you from the hassle of downloading a file saved in Dropbox.  
  • This grammar checker is one of the many AI applications that highlights different types of grammatical errors in your content with different colors. Hence, you can quickly spot errors detected by this tool.  
  • You can either individually fix identified mistakes in your document or correct all the errors with one click. So, it provides complete control to you.
  • This grammar checker also provides suggestions for each identified mistake, which will help you improve your writing.
  • There is no word count limit here, as you can proofread an entire lengthy document in one go with this software.
Text summarizer - AI Summarizing Tool

Figure 4: This picture represents the main interface of’s Text Summarizer

The text summarizer of is one of the many state-of-the-art AI tools for business that acts as a summary generator. So, this software shortens the text’s length by analyzing the best lines while preserving the original context of information.  

The NLP technology assists this tool in locating the key points and detecting and preserving the context. But how does this software find the key points? For that, it takes assistance from a scoring mechanism.

The software development company has developed a text summarizer that assigns a score to each sentence based on its quality, optimization and other factors. So, a sentence with a higher score will be more vital to the topic than a sentence with a lower score. And that’s how this text summarizer identifies the best lines.   

Some Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • This software can generate a summary of text written in 6 popular languages.
  • You can set the summary length according to your liking in this tool.
  • This text summarizer presents the output in different ways. For instance, besides the actual summary, you will find a ‘Best Line’ and ‘Show Bullets’ section.
  • This summary generator allows you to create bullet points for your presentations.
Image to Text

Figure 5: This image shows the main UI of’s Image to Text Converter

The image-to-text converter of is an AI-based OCR tool. So, this software can quickly and accurately extract text from an image irrespective of its quality.

This product developed by an enterprise software development company takes assistance from the open-source OCR engine of Hewlett-Packard and Google to perform accurate image-to-text extraction. The name of that open-source OCR engine is tesseract-OCR.

For extracting text from images, the tesseract-OCR takes assistance from an AI system that works on a two-step mechanism. In the first step, this open-source OCR engine does character recognition, whereas, in the second phase, it accomplishes any insured letters. So, with the help of letters, this OCR engine can match the context of words or sentences.

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A Few Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • This AI innovation OCR software supports all the popular image formats. So, you won’t have to worry about converting your image to a particular extension before uploading it to this tool.
  • If you have copied an image to the clipboard, you can directly paste that picture into this tool.
  • Similarly, if you want to extract text from an online image, there is no need to download that image. Instead, you can paste the URL of that image and this web-based software will detect that image.  
  • The power of this AI-based OCR software allows it to understand and extract text written in multiple languages. Some popular supported languages are:
    • Arabic.
    • Czech.
    • Danish.
    • Dutch.
    • English.
    • French.
    • German.
    • Indonesian.
    • Italian.
    • Korean.
    • Polish.
    • Portuguese.
    • Romanian.
    • Russian.
    • Spanish.
    • Swedish.
    • Thai.
    • Vietnamese.
Lumen5 - Video Maker | Create Videos Online in Minutes

Figure 6: This picture represents the main interface of Lumen5

Lumen5 is amongst the many AI software products which is a handy web software that makes creating videos for digital marketing purposes easier. All you need to do is to upload your written content into this tool and this software will automatically create a video from that text, thanks to its advanced AI algorithms. 

Besides, you can add additional scenes to your video with the help of a simple drag-and-drop method. For the data of extra scenes, you can take assistance from its collection that contains millions of pictures and videos. However, you can also upload your own collection to this web-based software.

Some Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • This web-based software can also assist you in bringing life to the dull zoom recording clips, courtesy of its AI.
  • If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can dive into its templates library, which contains hundreds of customizable designs.
  • You don’t have to be an experienced content creator because you can perform most features in this software through the drag-and-drop gesture.
  1. Talk to Books by Google:
Talk to Books

Figure 7: This image shows the main UI of Google’s Talk to Books (web-based) software

Talk to Books is an Experimental AI-powered tool from Google. This web-based software answers your queries by going through thousands of passages from books. But that’s not it.

Since this software works on artificial intelligence and its sub-branches, you will get natural responses to your queries. So, the tool works similarly to conversational AI because Google has trained its AI system with the data samples of human conversations. However, the only difference is its assistance from the passages of books.

A Few Featured Highlights of This Software:   

  • Talk to Books is among the best AI services for performing to-the-point research on a topic.  
  • Although you can get started with this tool by typing in your query, if you want to check its functionality, you can start with the provided samples.
Business Name Generator Tool- free AI-powered naming tool - Namelix

Figure 8: This picture represents the main interface of’s Namelix

Namelix is an enterprise AI that solves the problem of finding a unique brand name and logo idea through artificial intelligence. You only need to enter a keyword related to your industry and pick a style. Once done, this software will automatically list many logo ideas and names according to the entered industry.  

Since this software works on AI, it learns from your liking too. For instance, if you have liked a name, this tool is advanced enough to learn from that and provide recommendations according to your taste.

Some Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • The results of this tool entirely depend on your input. So, the more accurate input you provide, the better results you will get.
  • Everybody doesn’t know the different types of name styles. So, this software understands that and provides examples during name-style selection.
  • Courtesy of AI, you will get accurate variations of brand names with this tool.
Bigjpg - AI Super-Resolution lossless image enlarging

Figure 9: This image shows the main UI of BigJPG

As the name suggests, BigJPG is an image enlarger tool. However, for the accuracy of its results, this web-based software takes assistance from artificial intelligence.

To be more precise, this tool works on DCNN (also known as Deep Convolutional Neural Networks). So, it smartly reduces the noise and serration in the uploaded image and can scale it up to 4 times.

A Few Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • When you enlarge an image with PS, that image still looks fuzzy. And that’s where this tool wins this battle. Its neural network algorithm is trained explicitly to adjust the lines and color of images. So, when this software enlarges a photo, it keeps the colors well and there is no visible doubling.
  • Due to the specialty of this tool’s algorithm, it can handle anime images and illustrations effortlessly.
Presentation Software | Basic to Beautiful in Minutes with

Figure 10: This picture represents the main interface of

Whether you are a student or professional, creating stunning presentations is one of the challenging things to do. But that won’t be the case anymore, courtesy of is one of the best AI software platforms for students and professionals because it makes creating and editing stunning presentations easier. The artificial intelligence in this software comes in handy for performing low-level pattern analysis. The low-level pattern analysis will eventually help in faster color changes, completely changing a slide design without dumping the info and other things.

Some Featured Highlights of This Software:

  • You don’t have the information for modifying a slide’s design completely because AI will do that for you in this software.
  • Besides the assistance of AI, there are tons of themes and readymade templates available in this software. So, this tool has the benefits of both modern technology and traditional presentation makers.

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Businesses and startups have started integrating the assistance of AI into their setups. The integration of AI Software Products gives firms an edge over their competitors because it streamlines the processes and boosts the overall performance of companies. So, artificial intelligence has become an ingrained part of our lives.

Due to the popularity of AI solutions, the internet is filled with tools and software built on AI. However, one can get lost in a sea of AI-based tools. So, if you want a selection of the most popular AI-based software products throughout 2023, then the above discussion will prove quite handy.

Thus, read the above discussion to learn which tools have remained popular in 2023 and why.

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