When it comes to metaprogramming, beginner ruby developers have always found it to be a far fetched idea. However, it’s a common misconception that metaprogramming is a tool only for the wizardry ruby on rails programmers.

It offers extremely useful advantages & has capabilities that can be effectively utilized by average ruby developers as well. The dynamism of ruby makes metaprogramming an important feature when it comes to application and website development which involves complex coding.

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Metaprogramming: Basics for Ruby on Rails App Development

In ruby, metaprogramming is the act of defining methods and classes during runtime. It is the process where the code is written automatically at runtime to prevent duplication in coding. With the help of metaprogramming, Ruby developers can avoid repetitions and create methods on the run that didn’t exist before.

  • Ruby metaprogramming simplifies the code as compared to other languages and allows the developers to write DRY code which is better and scalable.
  • When involved in ruby on rails application development project, metaprogramming allows the programmer to get more work done in the same amount of time as they don’t have to write all the code manually. With this, the code will be automatically compiled at runtime, leaving space for developers to efficiently undertake new tasks.
  • Metaprogramming in Ruby is a handy tool to utilize when a code reflects a similar pattern that can be used in other code by converting it into a comprehensive tool. It can now be used in multiple places as it has now been compiled into a super-class which makes development easier
  • For methods that are alike in nature except for the identifier, metaprogramming helps a lot. You can use define_method to create new methods and then when new identifiers are inserted in the later stage, the methods will be there beforehand.
  • With metaprogramming, ruby on rails website development becomes easier if you want to write a class for accepting arbitrary method calls. By using missing_method, you can create code that can catch all arbitrary method calls and pass for the same.

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Metaprogramming has its uses in complex coding and when repetition is involved. Once the duplication in coding is reduced, it becomes easier for ruby on rails developers to write the program which would have otherwise been troublesome.

It is not necessary that metaprogramming will always be a frequent occurrence for the developers. Many times, the code can be made simpler without using metaprogramming. It is a well-tested process but in most situations, it is needed only to a standard level. However, before venturing into metaprogramming, one must understand if it is really needed or not.

Sometimes, metaprogramming can also worsen the situation than it was earlier. At an advanced stage, ruby metaprogramming offers significant benefits in ruby on rails application development by allowing the developers to create Domain-specific language (DSL). Metaprogramming has enough capabilities for even beginner ruby developers to experiment with and can deliver significant results if implemented properly.

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