Python Applications are widely used in web development, data science, and scripting.

Python is a buzz word in the development world. But If you’re new to this field and confused about where and how Python is used, here’s a handy reckoner. We have compiled three main domains where Python applications make their presence felt.

Python Web Development

One of the foremost and significant Python applications include web development. Django and Flask – two of the Python-based web frameworks have become very popular among developers. The key aspect of both these frameworks includes creating a server side code in Python. These coders run on server, instead of running on user’s devices and browsers.

Is web framework really needed?

The answer is a resounding yes. Python developers say that web framework makes it convenient to build common backend logic, which comprises of mapping several URLs with Python codes, managing databases and developing HTML files to be used on user browsers.

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Django or Flask? Which one is better?

Python developers at the beginning stage of their learning can start with Django or Flask. Django is more comprehensive as it provides an admin panel, database interfaces, structured app directory and more. Flask, on the other hand, is simple, flexible and provides more control.

Python Applications in Data Science

Python finds several applications in machine learning, data analysis, data visualization and more.

There are a host of machine learning libraries and frameworks for Python. Among all of them, the two of the leading ones are scikit-learn and TensorFlow. TensorFlow is a beginner level library that makes it easy for Python developers to build customized machine learning algorithms. On the other hand, scikit-learn comes loaded with popular machine learning algorithms.

Python in Data Analysis and Data Visualization

Python based Matplotlib is one of the most recommended libraries for data visualization. It is a 2-D plotting library that helps in presenting data through visualization. It is similar to have Matlab works in terms of graphical presentations of data. While Matlab is not free, tough to get started with and complex in nature, Matplotlib is simple, free and has great libraries for data visualization.

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Python Applications in Scripting

Scripting is a method to write codes for small programs that help in automating several tasks. In order to explain what exactly is scripting, here’s a small example. An apparel brand sells its products online and many customers browse through their preferred choices, add it to the cart, but never buy it.

In order to make another attempt to sell the product, an executive can call or email them about their preference with an offer to go with it. However, a small program can be written wherein, an email is sent to them with an offer on their preferred choices of apparels. This tempts them to make a purchase and sale of apparel for the brand

Python comes in handy to write such small programs. Because of its relatively simple syntax, it becomes easy to write programs. Testing is easy and quick, which makes it a preferred option among Python developers to write small programs.

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