It is expected that US eCommerce products sales will cross $1 trillion for the first time in 2022. The global rise in digitization is increasing the number of online buyers twofold. Not only in the US, but the numbers for worldwide ecommerce are multiplying. It results in an increase in the demand for eCommerce website development services – for both B2B and B2C channels. This is where technologies like Ruby on Rails development services come into the picture.

Building an e-commerce solution for businesses requires powerful framework. It requires payment gateway integrations, product catalogs, push notifications, and much more. Ruby on Rails is one of the leading technologies that enable companies to build an eCommerce software solution.

The biggest example is Shopify, a platform for eCommerce stores. It extensively uses Ruby on Rails web development to build the product. Today, many e-commerce companies consider Ruby on Rails web development services as the perfect solution for their online stores.

Large Scale Application Design in Ruby on Rails

In the top 10,000 websites across the world, a staggering 18.29% of websites use Ruby on Rails development services. It is one of the top technologies that enterprises and startups use for e-commerce products due to the capabilities it offers.

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10 Reasons Ruby on Rails is Ideal for eCommerce Products

Ruby on Rails application development has the robustness to build interactive and engaging ecommerce websites. It is a powerful, open-source web development framework with the tools and libraries(RubyGems) to build a software infrastructure that is scalable, versatile, and functional.

eCommerce trends

Here are 10 reasons why companies prefer Ruby on Rails as a complete package for ecommerce development: 

  1. Diverse Ecommerce Products

    With Ruby on Rails, companies can build diverse products. Whether it’s a B2C or B2B or B2BC or even a subscription model, Ruby on Rails consulting is useful for all of them. The versatility of Rails and its ability to adapt to dynamic ecommerce environments make it the right technology for online stores. It also offers a great user experience depending on the type of business channel.
  2. Flexible Online Stores

    Another great advantage of Ruby on Rails for ecommerce app development services is the flexibility. Developers can easily combine different modules and modify them later as per the requirements. Therefore, when there’s a need to add updates, developers can implement them without having to disintegrate the entire solution. The team can quickly modify and make changes when any issues arise, making the application error-free.
  3. Affordable Solutions

    Most companies and startups know about the affordability factor of Ruby on Rails app development. Since the framework is open-source, there’s no licensing fee. On the other hand, developers are also available at a reasonable compensation. And since the framework doesn’t take a lot of time to build the product, the per hour rate of development also comes down. Ruby on Rails application will save a ton of money while hiring professionals for eCommerce web development services.
  4. Rapid eCommerce Development

    A major reason to hire a Ruby on Rails web development company is because it can build products much faster than any other technology. Also known as the “startup technology,” Ruby on Rails reduces the application development time by 25% to 40%. Therefore, eCommerce companies that want to achieve a first-mover advantage should utilize Rails for their eCommerce development requirements.
  5. Scalable Stores

    There is much proof that Ruby on Rails is a scalable technology for eCommerce stores. It can handle thousands of requests simultaneously. Shopify, the eCommerce platform, has over 300,000 stores. This is clear proof that Rails application development services can support scalability. When eCommerce companies want to scale and achieve higher traffic rates, Ruby on Rails can easily benefit them. It enables scaling without any lag in the user experience.
  6. Easy App Development

    One of the biggest advantages of using Ruby on Rails is the simplicity it brings to the table. The framework uses the Ruby programming language, which has a syntax similar to that of the English language.  Companies can hire Ruby on Rails developers who can immediately start working on the project. Since the technology uses convention over configuration, there’s no need to get into the complexities of the project.
  7. RubyGems for eCommerce

    RubyGems are the plugins and libraries that a Ruby on Rails app application development company uses to add features and functionalities in the application. It doesn’t require additional coding because they are pre-coded elements that are useful to incorporate features that might require a high amount of coding. For example, there are RubyGems for payment gateway integration, push notifications, product catalogs, and much more. There are gems for functional use like automated testing, code editing, etc.
  8. Wide Developer Network

    When developers need assistance in building an ecommerce solution using Ruby on Rails, they can take the support of the wide Rails ecosystem. There are over 6000 developers on GitHub and hundreds & thousands of code repositories. Documentation is easily available, and developers can collaborate to work on different projects. Companies also hire developers from the GitHub community because these people have extensive knowledge and experience in building Rails-based products.
  9. Secure eCommerce Stores

    E-commerce transactions involve an inherent quality of risks and vulnerabilities. Therefore, they need technology that provides extra security and ensures that all transactions and payments are safe. Ruby on Rails offers added layers of security through RubyGems. It provides security vulnerability detection, bundler-audit for patch level verification, saferpay-gem for client payment detail protection, and much more.
  10. Popular and Proven Technology

    Ruby on Rails has been in the industry for over 15 years now. Since its inception, companies have been using it and becoming giants in their respective sectors. Some of the top companies that use the framework include Airbnb, GitHub, Basecamp, Crunchbase, Shopify, Instacart, WeTransfer, and more. Twitter used the framework in its initial technology stack. Today, Ruby on Rails is becoming popular again because it is helping startups launch their products without much hassle. 

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eCommerce development services are on the rise, and companies move toward digital technologies to acquire more customers. It is imperative to have a technology that can solve all the major eCommerce development problems. Ruby on Rails is one such framework that can enable enterprises and startups to build amazing online stores.

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