If you’re wondering whether you should adopt a branding strategy for your e-commerce store or not, consider this: there are nearly 110,000 stores generating substantial revenue (Estimated by RJMetrics) and 49% of the users believe that not being able to touch, feel or try the product is a major hindrance in online shopping.

From such a large heap of e-commerce stores, getting customers to your online front is a difficult task. When branding comes into action, the chances of your e-commerce store getting a major lot of consumers skyrocket drastically.

E-commerce applications are now a major platform for online shopping. In 2017, the share of online purchases made via mobile devices was 58.9% or $1.4 trillion. (Statista, 2017) To thrive and expand your business in such a competitive online environment, creating a brand for your e-commerce store is not only important; it’s a requirement, a necessity.

Importance of Branding Your e-Commerce Store

Building an e-commerce application is the new trend in online shopping adopted by almost every retailer. But if you don’t create any awareness about your store, revenues are sure to never see the light of day. For repeat customers, branding plays a crucial role as it allows them to maintain consistency with what they believe in by purchasing from your store.

Although several affordable e-commerce development solutions are available, the costs can only be covered if the customers are aware of your store. Proper branding builds a loyal audience that sends more traffic to your website in the form of referrals. Maybe your e-commerce store can’t compete with Alibaba or Amazon but you can create a brand that is likely to generate more revenue than your competitors.

The Building Blocks of e-Commerce Brand Awareness

Apart from the basic elements like communication voice, consistency & competitive pricing, branding requires a comprehensive plan to capture your customer’s attention. In e-commerce applications, the technical & design elements also play a crucial role when it comes to positioning your store with the right framework.

An Appealing Website
Designing a simple yet appealing website is essential to communicate your core message. Your e-commerce store must portray the message you want to convey to your customers through design elements. You can hire an expert in e-commerce website development for giving a professional & personalized touch to your store.

Quality Content
Content is what keeps the customer hooked to your site. In fact, according to CMI, 72% marketers believe that content marketing increases engagement and results in 3 times more leads than outbound marketing. To generate awareness, you must create content related to products & offer information that is relevant to consumers making the purchase & compatible with your store.

Communicating via Social Media
There are almost 1.3 billion users on Facebook alone (the population of India), and marketers are on their toes to exploit this opportunity. To enhance your online presence, speaking to your customers via social media can be an effective technique. Your e-commerce store will become a well-known brand if users believe that their product & service related queries are receiving proper attention.

Branding can take your success rate in the e-commerce world to new heights. Creating a step-by-step brand awareness plan after the e-commerce website development is done, will allow you to figure out what your competitors are unable to provide to the customers. It will eventually result in increased sales and build a strong customer base that resonates with what your e-commerce brand stands for.

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