Ruby on Rails is a powerful backend framework for building world-class applications. It is useful for creating feature-rich solutions at a rapid pace. Even after 17 years of release, Ruby on Rails app development is still the preferred choice for companies all over the world. 

Insurance is one industry that is heavy into digital transformation. In fact, InsureTech funding in the US increased by 60% in 2020. Web and mobile applications are becoming a high priority for insurance companies and agents. It enables them to streamline their operations and connect in a much better way to their customers. That’s why there’s a high demand for insurance app development services to build high-quality applications.

Large Scale Application Design in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails and insurance are not new companions. The technology has been used for several years to build applications in the domain. However, with the rise in InsureTech, the demand for a high-quality framework is imminent. Ruby on Rails web development services are, therefore, one of the best options for insurance applications. But why so?

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This article will highlight the top reasons why Ruby on Rails is a suitable technology for insurance applications. It will address the benefits of Ruby on Rails software development for insurance companies and how they can leverage it to their advantage.

7 reasons Ruby on Rails is Perfect for Insurance App Development 

Insurance applications require a lot of features to help customers connect with their business. They need functions for policy comparison, payments, renewals, reminders, company information, and more. Therefore, it is essential for a Ruby on Rails web development company to integrate these features into the application.

Here are 7 reasons Ruby on Rails is perfect for insurance applications:

  1. Startup Technology
    • Ruby on Rails is known as the startup technology. With so many innovations in the InsureTech sector, Insurance startups need a technology that can quickly build their applications.
    • Ruby on Rails, known for its rapid application development and ease of use, is highly startup-friendly. It provides a competitive advantage to companies by offering them the first mover advantage, if their product is highly unique.
  2. RubyGems
    • One of the best features that Ruby on Rails offers is RubyGems. It is a package manager that has libraries and programs that eliminate the need to write the code from scratch.
    • There are RubyGems for almost every kind of functionality. Insurance companies need payment gateway integration, which can easily be provided using RubyGems. The installation and distribution of RubyGems is simple, and from testing to code integration, everything has a gem.
  3. Cost-effective
    • Ruby on Rails is a cost-effective technology to build insurance applications. It is highly affordable because developers are easily available. On top of that, Rails doesn’t require any licensing fee, which is why companies can easily install it and use it without paying any recurring fee.
    • Because of Ruby on Rails rapid application development, there’s not much time taken to build the solution Therefore, developers deployed on the project can be easily let go once the work is done.
  4. Easy & Readable Code
    • Ruby on Rails has simple syntax and easy to write code. The framework follows the principles of “Convention Over Configuration” and “Don’t Repeat Yourself,” two of the most significant principles of readable and simple coding.
    • Ruby, the programming language, has syntax similar to that of the English language. Therefore, any insurance app development company with even junior developers can create a high-tech insurance app with ease.
  5. Automated Testing
    • Ruby on Rails offers third-party integrations and libraries for automated testing. Developers who use the framework often talk about the powerful code testing capabilities of Ruby on Rails, which enables them to compile the code without any hassle.
    • Ruby on Rails development services are called on by insurance companies because they are faster to build, and automated testing is one of the reasons for that. Therefore, if insurance companies want to leverage high-quality code, Ruby on Rails is the answer.
  6. Rapid Prototyping
    • Even though everyone knows about this, it is worth mentioning that Ruby on Rails is useful for rapid prototyping. The framework reduces the time taken to build the application by 25% to 40%. Therefore, insurance companies that want rapid application development should consider Rails.
    • Partnering with a Enterprise Software Development Company like BoTree Technologies ensures faster development. The teams follow the agile methodology of development that improves the product quality while increasing the development speed.
  7. Upgrade & Maintenance
    • Rails upgrade services are one of the highly demanded services anywhere. Companies often hire Ruby on Rails app developers for version rails upgrade and maintenance services due to the framework’s efficacy and efficiency with each newer version.
    • Ruby on Rails migration services are needed by companies that want to migrate from an older version to a newer version. Rails 7.0 is the latest version of the framework, which comes with added capabilities for Action mailbox and more.

Insurance industry-specific applications require a lot of features. Ruby on Rails enables adding features for calling quotes and making policy renewals There are integrations and RubyGems that allow the development of such features.

Payment gateway integration is important for Insurance companies to help people pay for the policy renewals and even purchase new ones. There are plugins to integrate payment gateways for Stripe, Razorpay, and many more. Ruby on Rails software development also offers insurance companies the ability to provide policy comparison as it offers dynamic functionalities for creating such an application. 

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Wrapping Up

Ruby on Rails for insurance applications gives the company any upper hand over its competitors. The fast speed of development, library support, and wide community – all make it one of the best things for insurance application development. Ruby on Rails also offers consistent support to application development because the framework is continuously updated.  

If you are an insurance company that wants a digital solution for their business, choosing Ruby on Rails can be a great choice. It offers everything that an enterprise needs to gain a competitive advantage. 

BoTree Technologies, a leading Ruby on Rails development company, has built multiple Insurance products for clients across the globe. 

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