Ruby on Rails is a dynamic web development framework. Apart from customer-centric apps, developers use them to build B2B applications. Some of the greatest Rails project ideas include SaaS solutions. A SaaS platform is unique in its nature – enabling companies to leverage the software for their operations. However, building a SaaS application might get a little complex.

Do Companies use Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails eliminates all the complications in SaaS product development. It is a useful framework with robust web development capabilities. It is fast, affordable, and most of all – secure. SaaS software requires scalability and security as its most important aspects. We will look at some SaaS product examples on Ruby on Rails in this article.

For the uninitiated, SaaS meaning, Software as a Service, is a product that companies offer to other companies for their operations. However, there are different types of SaaS solutions that individuals, businesses, and enterprises can use. Software works as a service for the company that buys it. For example – Trello, Slack, HubSpot, amongst several others.

Large Scale Application Design in Ruby on Rails

This article will highlight the top 5 SaaS applications built with Ruby on Rails. We will provide a list of companies that use Ruby on Rails and how their SaaS platform is transforming the world. Let’s have a look at these SaaS products made with Ruby on Rails in detail. 

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What Apps were Built with Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails has been the reigning technology in web development for years. While today’s developers are skeptical about the performance of Rails, it easily meets the benchmarks and standards set for web development. This is proven by some of the biggest companies that use Ruby on Rails for their SaaS solution development.

What big Companies use Ruby on Rails?

Rails is equally used by enterprises, multinational companies and small scale businesses. It has the toolset and capabilities to build all kinds of applications. We will consider the top SaaS companies that use Rails in their technology stack. 

Here are the 5 best examples of SaaS applications built with Ruby on Rails:–

  1. Shopify
    • Probably one of the biggest Ruby on Rails projects in today’s time, Shopify uses Ruby on Rails in its technology stack. When people ask,”Okay, so what has been built with Ruby on Rails?”, Shopify is the first answer that they get. It is one of the best SaaS examples for Rails app development.
    • Shopify is a leading SaaS platform to build ecommerce stores. It is an easy-to-use solution for people without any technical knowledge. It claims to have 10 million+ users. How does it handle all of this? With the help of Ruby on Rails.
    • The platform is highly scalable – all thanks to Rails and the high-quality code. There are hundreds of integrations on Shopify, which people can use to add interactive functionality to their store.
  2. Basecamp
    • Most project managers have heard of Basecamp, one of the leading SaaS companies for enterprises. It is the popular project management software that uses Ruby on Rails at the backend. It is one of the best SaaS products that make managing projects as easy as a breeze.
    • Basecamp helps to collaborate better with the team. It has a 99.99% uptime since its launch in 2004, the same year of launch as Ruby on Rails. The software makes Ruby on Rails developers more productive by equipping them with the right tools. Rails SaaS development helped make the solution more efficient over the years.
    • There are around 3 million accounts on Basecamp, as of 2018. Due to the interactivity, scalability, and security of Rails, the platform has since been the choice of project management SaaS solution for developers.
  3. GitHub
    • The mecca of developers, GitHub, is the result of Ruby on Rails technology. It is one of the leading SaaS solutions companies for open source web development. Developers can collaborate with other developers on different projects, share their source code, and enable innovative web development.
    • There are 80 million+ repositories on GitHub. This makes it the largest hub for technical specialists who want structured code. There are around 2 million organizations using GitHub for their requirements – all because of Ruby on Rails.
    • Ruby on Rails offers massive scalability and collaborative dynamics to GitHub. There are around 30 million developers who regularly use the platform. Companies like Google, Facebook, NASA are the users of this SaaS platform.
  4. Zendesk
    • Custom service executives are well-versed with Zendesk. It is one of the top apps built with Ruby on Rails. The SaaS platform provides customer support services to more than 110,000 companies across the globe. The leading SaaS product is now the first choice of companies for support tools.
    • There is a dashboard for ticketing, support management, and customer queries. There is also a live chat feature, which helps in quickly resolving service issues. Through Ruby on Rails, Zendesk was able to achieve a product that could deliver the highest quality of customer experience.
    • Ruby on Rails framework is critical in the scalability and flexibility of this popular software as a service platform. The dynamic functionalities were a result of the simple coding and robust delivery of the application structure.
  5. UserVoice
    • One of the most successful SaaS products is UserVoice. It is a customer feedback and project management software for streamlining organizational processes. It enables employees to deliver the best customer service possible.
    • UserVoice uses Rails framework in its technology stack to stay updated. The analytical tools generate intelligence data from product feedback. Rails is the technology behind all these integrations. The solution helps to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.
    • UserVoice also provides insights based on customer feedback. Companies like Buffer, Microsoft, Azure DevOps use UserVoice, amongst many others. Ruby on Rails plays a pivotal role in the success of this SaaS solution.

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Bottom Line

Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice for SaaS products, as the above examples have shown. Today, there’s a prevailing myth that Rails is soon going to go out of business. But the above apps are working fine to this day and used by millions of users worldwide – proving that Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice for web development of B2B SaaS solutions.

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