Software development is a very sapping and dynamic activity. New development trends and requirements transpire each year. This requires an development company to continually lay down efforts to stay put with time and enhance productivity. 

Efficiency is imperative for significant productivity levels of the software development process. While hiring highly skilled dot net developers can do the job, productivity tools can help developers make the process much more efficient. 

Today let us discuss some of the best .net developer tools that can help improve the productivity of the .net application development process.

 Most Used Libraries and frameworks

 Most Used Libraries and frameworks in 2021 (Source: Statista)

Benefits of .Net Development Tools

  • Reduces deployment time
  • It makes it easy to track progress or problems
  • Enables remote working
  • Improves communication
  • Improves teamwork and quality of work

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Top .Net Developer Tools List :

  1. Visual Studio:
    • It is a light but potent source code editor. It has a very comprehensive Integrated Development Environment  recommended by every software development company that uses it for web development activities.
    • Built by Microsoft, this fully functional platform can support development, editing, and product deployment activities from scratch. In addition, the tool has a giant active community of developers.
    • Thanks to the Visual Studio Gallery, which consists of features like code suggestions, access to object definitions, code completion, and  debugging, net development services find it very productive and efficient.
  1.  NuGET:
    • It is a .NET package management tool used by software development services to create, share, and pull packages within the .NET framework.
    • With NuGet, you can create your  libraries which can be shared with the rest of the community. In addition, it allows you to share your  tools within your organization or  publicly across the platform.
    • NuGet offers many options of packages, libraries, and modules that may be applicable in different projects. With the help of NuGet, you can explore relevant packages for your project.
  1. NCrunch Testing Tool:
    • NCrunch has established itself as the most widely used unit-testing tool for the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). It is used by enterprise software development company for application and program testing. It has the advantage of running several tests at once alongside code development.
    • Net developers can use NCrunch to run automated tests in parallel to writing their code. This feature helps the developers to get real-time feedback on their code and allows them to make corrections concurrently. 
    • So it is clear that it is one of the most important .net developer tools which help the developers find glitches in real-time. Thus it makes the code more stable and the development process more productive. 
  1. NUnit: 
    • It has emerged as one of the best dot net developer tools widely used amongst net developers. The open-source framework of the tool has been built to create run tests under the .NET programming languages.
    • The tool enables developers to run tests in parallel to other test scripts at the same time. A dot net development company may prefer to use the tool for applications not on the Microsoft platform.
  1. Entity Developer:
    • This tool by Devart is a powerful modeling and code generation tool. It is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool that maps data between incompatible data stores. It enables you to design the data access layer visually and easily. The automated and generated codes of Devart ORM reduce the chances of error.  
    • It offers a number of visual design tools and code development features that can aid in designing ORM models quickly and generate professional and extensible code for them.
  1. ReSharper:
    • Created by JetBrains, it is an extension of Visual Basic to help developers in .NET coding. It is one of the best tools for .net developers as it offers the ability to assess .NET code quality and swiftly discover and mend the problems. 
    • It provides adequate support to all the technical languages such as C#, JavaScript, XAML, HTML, CSS, and many more.
    • ReSharper is preferred by many asp net development company, since it is a productivity tool that offers performance optimization of codes through performance. It assists the developer in eliminating memory leaks and also functions as a unit runner, a decompiler that gets free on its own.
  1. LINQPad:
    • .Net entreprises love to hire .net developers  who are savvy with different dot net development tools. LINQPad is one such tool. It is a multifunctional application that enables database connections. .Net developers use it while performing C# coding.
    • It creates new servers for each query which helps avoid collision amongst the questions on a single server hence avoiding corruption on other existing services or running applications.  
  1. Chocolately:
    • It is a package manager by Windows and is free to use. It is one of the rapid development tools which enables the creation and deployment of software packages using software development tools that you may already be using.
    • Compatible with all current languages and other technologies, it is one of those tools for development  that supports a variety of Windows systems along with cloud systems such as Azure and Amazon AWS.

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There is no best tool, only the most relevant. The choice of the correct development tools depends on the project requirement and which aspect of development you want to improve. Different tools cover multiple facets of the process, from coding, testing, and deployment.

The significant factors developers need to consider before choosing the right build tools for .net applications in .NET or .NET Core include application performance, scalability, code quality, code metrics, and more. In addition, a developer tool must help the team boost developer productivity or help with testing the web application.

As per a report, .NET is amongst the most used libraries and frameworks around the world in 2021, with over 34.2% of developers using it. At the same time, the demand for the .NET development is rising, making sound decisions about the .NET productivity tools to use.   

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