The total contract value of the IT outsourcing market in 2019 was $66.5 billion. It is expected to reach $70 billion by the end of 2022. Software development specialists are becoming critical to digital success. Outsourcing is a great way to hire such experts on the team.

A team for software development ensures all the needs are met. They focus on filling the talent and skill gaps. However, every team works on different projects. This makes it difficult for them to efficiently deliver on each one of them.

This is where a dedicated software development team comes in. The dedicated development team members work only for a single project. They provide their skills to one project. It improves efficiency and productivity and leads to timely delivery of projects.

In 2022, hiring a dedicated software development team makes sense. Software and digitization are a need of the hour. Therefore, enterprises need singularly-focused teams. They need high-quality products, and only dedicated software specialists can offer that. 

Before we jump into how to hire a dedicated team of developers, let’s look at when is the right time to hire dedicated team developers.

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When to Consider a Dedicated Development Team Model

Dedicated developers provide a host of benefits. Along with the suitable skill set, they also have the right mindset. The team will always be deployed on one project. It gives them the opportunity to whole-heartedly conduct the execution and go through every detail. They can easily make suggestions and recommendations for changes.

Here’s when enterprises and startups should actually hire a dedicated team of software developers for their project – 

  • Long-term projects
    • Enterprises need support for projects throughout their lifespan. Therefore, having multiple teams work on it from multiple companies may not be the right solution. They should hire a dedicated software development team that will be with them throughout the project. It helps in easy scaling, solving issues that the team knows, and creating a familiar software development process as well.
  • Blurry project needs
    • It is good to hire a dedicated development team when the requirements are hazy. The discovery phase with multiple stakeholders may itself take a lot of time. A dedicated team comes with all the resources. It speeds up the development process by identifying what makes the best sense. They can quickly fulfill the project needs. The team also has the resources to add new requirements on the go.
  • Startups & new ventures
    • Startups often require expertise. A dedicated team model is their best friend in launching the product. They can save a lot of money and time in the initial stages. Startups can focus on building the products with the help of a dedicated team. Hiring a dedicated development team enables startups to grow faster than they expect. A team that focuses solely on their products & services will benefit them more in the long run.

Outlining the Structure of the Dedicated Development Team

Understanding the team structure is the most important thing when enterprises hire a dedicated software team. It is important to decide who is needed.

Having a clear understanding of the project requirements is essential. When the final outcome is clear, deciding whom to hire becomes an easy task.

Enterprises hire dedicated development teams that serve their purpose. Here are a couple of roles to consider while hiring a software development team of dedicated developers – 

  1. Project Manager
    • The Project Manager oversees the entire development process. Their job is to offer supervision and provide reports to the clients. They monitor the progress of the project, offer new requirements from the client, and act as the go-to intermediary.
  2. Backend Developers
    • The lifeblood of every development process is the backend developers. They write the code and create the business logic of the product. They generally use tools like frameworks, programming languages, and databases to create the product.
  3. Frontend developers
    • The job of front-end developers is to provide a layout for the product. They convert the data into a graphical interface through which the users can interact with the product. HTML and CSS are two of the most important tools that front-end developers use.
  4. UI/UX Designers
    • What will the application look like? The UI/UX designers create the screens for the application and provide them to the developers. They design the experience of the applications, navigation, and how users engage with the applications. Front-end developers and UI/UI designers often work in conjunction or sometimes are the same people as well.
  5. QA Specialists
    • When the application is ready, the QA specialists test the product. They ensure the application is bug-free. They perform manual and automated tests. Their aim is to oversee that the final product performs smoothly and efficiently. 

These 5 roles comprise the most common dedicated team services that enterprises avail. Apart from this, there are several roles that can come under a dedicated development team model. Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Solutions Engineers, and DevOps Engineers are a couple of more roles that enterprises often hire as a part of their different types of dedicated teams.

How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

The process of hiring a dedicated software development team can be time-consuming. There are hundreds of factors involved. While we have built dedicated teams for more than 50 projects, the process remains almost the same. Here’s how enterprises can hire a dedicated team for them custom software development services – 

  1. Define the Requirements 
    • The first step is to determine why an enterprise needs a dedicated team. It helps to identify what to expect from a development team. What skills are required? What is the company budget? Where should the team be deployed?
    • Answering these questions provides a clear idea of what to look for in a dedicated team. It also simplifies the task of the enterprise software development services company that provides dedicated developers.
  2. Conduct Market Research
    • The next step is to conduct thorough market research. It involves everything – location scouting for the development team, portfolio, tech & industry focus, developer rates, and more.
    • Research gives a complete idea about different dedicated teams in the market. It showcases what a software development company can offer. It also enables enterprises to understand where they can look for the right team.
  3. Hiring the Right Development Team
    • The final step is to finalize a vendor and hire the right team for customized software services. Enterprises that choose a vendor must clear all the details of the contract. Only then should they move forward.
    • Once done, the company should take interviews with developers from the outsourcing partner. It is a good practice to build a development team rather than accepting whatever the outsourcing company offers. It ensures that you find the right product development fit.

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Enterprises that hire dedicated development teams get the best for outsourcing their development. They get the cost and time benefit, along with access to a skill set that might not be available elsewhere.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is the best thing any enterprise can do for its product development needs. When looking for a dedicated team, it makes sense to hire the experts from BoTree Technologies. We have experts who take care of the complete process and deliver the best output. 

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