34.2% of the developers across the world used the .NET framework for development in 2021. It is the #1 framework in usage and still remains the most relevant one for enterprise application development. 

The popularity of .NET development services also saw a tremendous rise during the last couple of years. The robust, dynamic, and most of all – scalable framework enables developers to build high-quality applications. 

When .NET grew, ASP.NET development services became prominent. It is useful for building interactive web applications using Common Language Runtime (CLR). The primary benefit of ASP.NET is that it enables writing code in a different language for the .NET framework. 

One big update came with .NET Core, which enabled developers to build cross-platform applications on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It quickly became popular amongst the developer community because now developers could experiment with web apps on different systems and test with ease.

This article will focus on why .NET application development services are perfect for enterprise applications. It will highlight why the world’s top companies use the framework, why it is preferred, and what is the primary use of the .NET framework.

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Why is .NET Development Preferred? 

Enterprise application development with .NET is the right choice for enterprises that have a heavy traffic load. They need to handle hundreds of requests simultaneously. On top of that, there are communication, security, data exchange requirements that the application must fulfill.

.NET for enterprise applications is suitable because it fulfills the above three requirements. The platform allows easy maintenance of web applications. It has a simple code, which can be written in 40+ languages. .NET frequently receives updates to enable developers to get the maximum benefits of application development.

On top of that, it converts legacy conventional code into high-quality features and functionalities that help to create wonderful APIs for online applications. 

What is .NET Mainly Used for?

.NET has a wide variety of applications. It is a fantastic framework for building web applications, custom control apps, design & architecture evaluation, migration of applications, desktop app development, rapid application deployment, mobile applications, scalability for new and existing solutions, Machine Learning solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) and much more. 

13.57% of the top 1 million websites use ASP.NET for their websites and web applications. The diverse use cases of dotnet development services make it the perfect choice for enterprises that want dynamic apps. It is a leading enterprise application development platform that enables companies to build high-quality solutions without any compromise. 

Some of the top companies that use Dot Net for enterprise application development include Microsoft, Intuit, Intel, Accenture, Cisco, Citrix, Morgan Stanley, amongst several others. There are companies that provide professional services for building an enterprise application with .NET, so one must not get confused between the service provider and the user of .NET application services.

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Why do the top Companies use .NET for Enterprise Apps?

From creating data-centric applications to dynamic web-based solutions, .NET has the capabilities to build software of any shape and size. The top companies of the world have been using the software since the last decade, and they have achieved tremendous results – particularly with their enterprise applications solutions.

Here are a few reasons that showcase why these companies use .NET for enterprise applications – 

  1. Stable platform
    • First of all, .NET is one of the most stable platforms for application development. Every release comes with a consistent update, and there are fewer frameworks with .NET to work with.
    • Generally, companies hire dot net developers who work with the same stable framework (ASP.NET or .NET Core) for years before making any changes as it works well for them. It also doesn’t pose any compatibility issues as the framework is complete within itself.
  2. Object-oriented framework
    • Building an enterprise application can be complex. There are a lot of elements involved in the process. However, .NET application development services simplify the process.
    • The object-oriented nature of the framework enables developers to write the code with utmost ease and add functionalities without any hassle. The segregation of data into objects also simplifies the process of creating models for building web or mobile applications.
  3. Cross-platform development
    • Another advantage companies build a customized enterprise application with .NET is because of its cross-platform capabilities. Developers can use the framework to create applications on macOS, Linux, or Windows. .NET Core is the framework that developers use to build such applications.
    • With the help of Xamarin, developers can also use the framework to develop cross-platform mobile applications for both iOS and Android. The reusability of code is one great feature that still keeps .NET at the top for enterprise application development.
  4. Large ecosystem
    • The .NET community is huge – there are over 5 million developers using the framework. Developers from the community are huge fans of NuGet Package Manager and Visual Studio. The framework is an open-source framework that is constantly updated by developers across the globe.
    • There are over 100,000 contributions from 3700 developers outside of Microsoft in the upgradation of the framework. Google, Jetbrains, Redhat, Samsung are some other companies that are driving the future of .NET with their advanced programming capabilities.
  5. Scalable applications
    • What enterprises need are scalable applications. .NET has a fantastic yet simple caching system that calls data at a rapid pace even when there’s heavy traffic. It offers scalability to both the client and server-side applications.
    • Therefore, companies can hire dot net developers and build highly scalable solutions with ease. It also makes the framework extensible, ensuring that companies don’t have to migrate from the framework when needed to handle heavy traffic. 

Bottom Line

Enterprise applications generally require a framework that can handle the interchange of data and communication. A .NET development company like BoTree Technologies works with some of the world’s leading companies to create digital products using .NET enterprise application development. 

.NET is an intuitive framework that ensures companies are achieving economies of scale and get high-quality apps at a lower price. The framework continues to evolve as the year witnessed a huge growth in enterprise applications for stepping on the journey of digital transformation.

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