There are more than a few reasons why 35.35% of developers worldwide use Java for web development.

It is the fifth most popular programming language across the globe. 

Java is known as one of the most outstanding programming languages globally, and it’s been steady for the last 20 years. With the days passing, Java development services are acquiring strength in view of the superb response regarding the development of enterprise, web, and mobile applications.

From being on the web to building Android mobile applications – Java application development is everywhere. On the off chance that you will get familiar with your first programming language, considering Java is a safe choice as a beginner.

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Today, Java is useful for data science, embedded systems, GUI, and even data science applications. Android applications utilize Java as their favored technology because of the usability and parts that offer unique functionalities. It’s been more than 26 years, yet the programming language is as yet continuing forward, with more than 90% of Fortune500 organizations using it in their technology stack.

It’s 2022. Can Java still work like it used to? This article is the answer to this question. Keep reading to know more.

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8 Reasons Why Java Development remains relevant in 2022

Java software development company are utilized to make custom software that are light and fast, as well as for complex enterprise applications. Assuming you are an Android engineer or application developer, you might need to work with Java regularly as it’s viable with practically all gadgets and platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux).

With Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing, etc., coming into action in 2022, there’s a need for technology that can sustain them. Java web development services are perfect for such requirements.

Here are a few of the common reasons why Java remains relevant to date – 

  1. Rich API Features
    • Java API is a bunch of methods that can serve a wide range of requirements, like availability to data sets, organizing, parsing XML handling input-result, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
    • While Java incorporates around fifty catchphrases, Its Application Programming Interface (API) is thorough and broad. It is loaded with numerous strategies that can be straightforwardly utilized in your code. Also, Java has many open-source libraries like Google Guava, Apache Xerxes, Apache POI, Apache Commons, OpenCV, Gson, ETC.
  2. Easier To Learn
    • This should be astonishing for different developers, yet clearly, it is reality. On account of Java, the expectation to learn and adapt is a lot more extreme since it assists with growing the vast majority of the developer tasks with a limited ability to focus time.
    • In view of familiar English punctuation, it depends on a smaller number of magic characters in it, which unquestionably makes it a lot simpler to study and learn both. When the developer defeats the underlying obstacles, then it becomes more straightforward to understand.
  3. Regular Updates
    • Not at all like a few other programming languages and tech stacks, application development utilizing Java is generally in trend on the grounds that it is continually updated to program software solutions. In 2018, Java changed to a 6-month update release cycle. Consistently, new updates and elements are carried out in March and September.
    • Each delivery turned out to be quicker with Java 10, and presently the programming language is over and above anyone’s expectations previously. Staying aware of the times, Java is helpful for microservices, cloud computing, mobile applications, and many more services.
  1. Secure Development
    • With regards to writing code, the flexibility and security of the programming language are very significant for engineers. Java language is exceptionally flexible, and it chugs along as expected on any working framework.
    • When it was created in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, since then Java entered the core of numerous companies because of its security benefits too. As an amateur in the programming business, you need to add Java to your list of must-dos to ensure flexibility and security.
  2. Amazing Libraries
    • One of the best Java web application development frameworks – Spring, guarantees superior grade and expedient app development. It has all that engineers need to convey capacities without writing the code from the baseline. Spring is the best Java system for all application development needs.
    • Aside from Spring, there’s Hibernate, Struts, Wicket, GWT, Dropwizardm, are a few different frameworks for Java-based software development services. Libraries known as Google Guava, Apache Commons, Jackson, and a few others offer powerful capacities to add features with practically no problem.
  3. Cross – Platform Development
    • Software engineers require a language that offers elements like dealing with different platforms. For this situation, Java outflanks any remaining languages available. Java is a bytecode that can be run through a Java Virtual Machine.
    • While different languages required the compiler to lessen the length of code to the point of squeezing into the machine, Java had the option to make the code that is adaptable and can be delivered starting with one PC then onto the next via bytes. Thus, Java is currently platform autonomous and effectively deployable.
  4. Wide Community
    • JAVA is a programming language that supports developers and designers of different sorts with imaginative and critical thinking abilities. It assists in the development of a broad organization of engineers with the most knowledge-rich networks. With regards to creating, giving, and getting direction in regards to Java application development from an expert is a delight, and it’s everything for no cost.
    • A range of forums where you can post questions, Stack overflow and other user portals are generally accessible for help and backing for any point. This is evidence of Java’s degree of progress across the world.
  5. Beginner – Friendly
    • Java stays popular in 2022 in light of the fact that it is a user-friendly programming language. Complex activities like memory management can be executed easily. New developers can write and run programs effortlessly.
    • Java development companies have plenty of engineers who have a great deal of involvement with building applications. In any case, they likewise have junior engineers who begin building applications from the very first moment. It is on the grounds that writing Java programs is truly user-friendly from day one.

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Java is the programming language that has been helpful for a really long time and will be so into the indefinite future. It has the right features and elements to create adaptable applications in various enterprises and startups. 

Java is used by a few of the biggest organizations on the planet, and has gotten positive reviews generally. Its systems and libraries offer engineers simplicity of development and productivity to organizations. Java developers are in consistent demand because of this reason, and that’s why they get good pay as well.

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