In 2019, there were 26.4 million software developers. That number is expected to grow to 28.7 million by 2024.

The demand for software developers is multiplying. Companies need software solutions to digitize their operations. A software development team comprises engineers who conceptualize, develop, and maintain these solutions.

But today, the software landscape is changing. While traditional technologies prevail, modern software and innovation are the prime players.

The IoT hardware, systems integration, software, and data market grew to around $520 billion by the end of 2021. Companies need engineers who can fulfill these changing needs.

However, it requires engineers to have knowledge of modern-day software development tools and skills. On top of that, it makes them valued professionals as well. 

This article will focus on two aspects. First – the top skills for software development in 2022, and second – how to develop those skills.

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Top Skills Software Developers need in 2022

Software developers have a lot of roles and responsibilities. The skill level determines what tasks the company will assign to you. It will also determine the hierarchy of members in the team on any software development project.

Here are the top skills that software developers need in 2022: 

  1. Data Science Skills
    • Developers with basic programming skills still remain relevant. Data science gives them an edge over others. With the proliferation of Machine Learning and AI solutions, data science has become a necessity.
    • Data structures and algorithms are two major software development techniques/skills developers need to know. It showcases their problem-solving capabilities.
    • Data science is the future, and companies are looking for developers who can work perfectly fine with data. Therefore, it is one of the most important skills to have for developers in 2022.
  2. Cloud Computing
    • Enterprise software development company heavily depends on cloud computing. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, etc., are what software developers need to know for application deployment.
    • As companies shift to the cloud and integrate their data-based software with it, developers in the cloud sector are seeing an upsurge in demand. Expertise in the top three cloud providers – AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, will open multiple career opportunities for developers.
    • Becoming an AWS architect is a lucrative career opportunity as well. Most companies deploy their products in AWS while utilizing the product for upscaling and downscaling as well.
  3. Kubernetes
    • The fastest-growing software skill, Kubernetes, is an essential skill to have for developers. It automates the orchestration of containerized applications. It effectively minimizes the gap between app development and deployment.
    • Kubernetes is a highly valuable skill for cloud and DevOps engineers. A Certified Kubernetes Application Developer earns much more than any other cloud developer.
    • Companies need a solution that increases the solution’s speed, efficiency, and functionality. Kubernetes is the perfect partner for software products that require fast movement to the market. Therefore, developers must learn Kubernetes if they wish to make a career in DevOps or Cloud.
  4. Python Programming
    • Today, Python is the norm. It is a part of every technology company – from startups to MNCs. The powerful programming language enables companies to develop scalable, robust, and multi-faceted software.
    • Python is the #1 programming language in terms of popularity. Python is all the rage in the custom software engineering community. It provides extensive capabilities to build enterprise applications – a key feature of the language.
    • Frameworks like Django, Flask, TurboGears, etc., make Python an amazing option to build web and enterprise applications. Therefore, learning Python will open up more opportunities for software developers in 2022.
  5. Git and GitHub
    • Developers working in even the best software development companies use Git and GitHub in the process. Git is a version control tool that has over 70% market share. It is a simple and flexible tool for application development.
    • Learning the command line, GUI, branching, and merging are essential to achieving expertise in Git. GitHub provides its own features apart from version control, which developers are highly fond of.
    • Source code is essential to control the code of the application. Version control is important to handle multiple files and versions that emerge from frequent changes in the coding files.
  6. Java and JavaScript
    • Even with Python, Scala, Go, React, and other programming languages, Java and JavaScript remain the popular choice for a software development service provider. These are traditional technologies that yield modern results.
    • Java is a well-known language for AR, VR, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Microservices, Cloud Computing, and much more. It has been one of the top 3 programming languages for over a decade.
    • Java skills are important because they form the base of several high-quality and feature-rich applications. On the other hand, JavaScript is necessary, and will always be, to create interactive effects in web applications.
  7. Database Skills
    • Every developer needs to know normalization and table design. SQL is a popular database technology that experts in software development services know to build and deploy applications.
    • Database Management skills are important during migration also. Developers need to know how to migrate tables. Updating a table is important when new information comes into the picture.
    • Other popular databases include Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Developers should be able to insert functions like insert/update/delete data and more.

How to Develop Software Development Skills in 2022

The top custom software development companies are hiring engineers who have the skills to create the best software products. But how do develop those skills?

The initial skills, whether it’s a programming language or database, are taught in a 4-year college or university degree. Engineering courses are designed in such a way that developers can learn the basics and explore their technology inclination gradually.

To improve one’s skills in building a software development solution, internships and training are great. Beginners can intern at a software development company that provides training on live projects to build their software development skills.

Today, there are several portals where developers can visit and learn software development skills. Udemy, Coursera, CodeAcademy, etc. are a few places that teach how to code and build a good coding career. 

Joining a software outsourcing company as a fresher and learning on a live project, however, remains the best way to develop software skills in 2022. The company trains the members in the technology that is most required and then hires them to work on specific products.

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Software Development is in high demand. The career is lucrative and enables engineers to learn and grow. Learning the top software development skills increases the chances of success twofold. Therefore, knowing the modern-day technologies and innovation is critical to becoming relevant in the dynamic market.

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