Social media applications take up a significant portion of an individual’s life today. Be it an entrepreneur using it to manage her business or a regular person connecting with her friends – social media has become an important part of everyday activity. Social media app development has thus gained much traction for enterprises to take advantage of building a community and networking with it.

Even the best social media app development can be both simple and challenging. Simple in the sense that you know what you have to add – personal profiles, messaging, notifications, etc. However, it presents the challenge of extreme competition and how you can differentiate yourself from competitors.

When it comes to an enterprise social media app design, the question arises – whether you should use the several apps available in the market or get one developed specifically for your requirements?

But once you have decided your social media app requirements, the essential question arises – which technology stack should you use for development? In this article, we outline the aspects that you should consider in a technology stack for a social media application. We hope to simplify the decision-making process of selecting the right technology stack.

Aspects to Consider in a Technology Stack for Social Media App Development

Choosing the right technology stack for your social media application depends on a wide variety of features. If you are a startup, you might be budget limited, whereas an established enterprise may face challenges in technology adoption. However, choosing the right technology stack helps to overcome these challenges because of the different functionalities they can provide based on your requirements.

Some aspects of social media app design and development you should look for in a technology stack include –

  • Database
    • Managing a database for your enterprise social media application is one of the most critical factors. There will be a huge amount of data to be stored for everyone on the network. You must understand which technology stack, be it Python or Ruby on Rails, will work efficiently with your database requirements and respond in a less amount of time.
    • The tech team building the best social media management apps will no if the database required is relational or non-relational. Based on that, the developers can figure out whether they must use MongoDB or MySQL or any other database for development purposes.
  • Frontend
    • The frontend is the most crucial element of the best social media app development. Enterprises must articulate the frontend features that want in social media applications. From the profile, feed, photo effects to messaging, every feature must be clearly laid out before development.
    • For the front of social media web applications, AngularJS is one of the most reliable technology stacks. Combined with the styling capabilities of HTML and CSS, it can help to build a high-performing social media application in no-time.
  • Backend
    • When choosing a technology stack for your social media app design and development, the backend determines what logic will be made and how. Backend relates to choosing the best programming language, and enterprises often fail to select the right one.
    • Where Ruby may fulfil their requirements, they go with PHP because of its popularity, which leads to unnecessary costs. Companies should choose a programming language that enables reusability of code. It will lead to rapid development in the hyper-competitive world of social media apps.
    • With this, they will get more time to market the product. On the other hand, enterprises can educate their employees on using the social media app and build an internal network quickly.

Build Better Communities with our Social Media App Development Services

The complexities involved in designing and developing a social media application can overwhelm any enterprise. However, keeping in mind the three aspects and their relative features will enable companies to get better social media app development services for their requirements.

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