React Native mobile development is gaining traction due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to deliver a native-like user experience. Today, every company that wants a mobile solution has React Native developers on their team. The ease with which React Native apps can be built ensures that there’s no need to hire developers separately for iOS and Android devices.

But why do companies work with the React Native framework? First of all, React Native apps can share upto 95% of the codebase, which means both iOS and Android apps work practically on the same code. 

Second reason of what makes React Native popular is that it reduces the time taken to develop the application. Since the codebase is the same, there’s no need to write an application separately for both the platforms. The company gets a product for both platforms in time for one. It gives a competitive advantage while delivering a high-quality React Native app performance.

This article will highlight the following key points – 

  • Why should you hire React Native developer? 
  • How to hire dedicated React Native developers? 
  • What to consider when hiring React Native developers?

Why should you Hire React Native Developer?

React Native app development enables companies to save a lot of time, money, and effort. However, it also provides high-quality mobile applications. There are frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, and more for building mobile apps, but React Native offers pre-built components that help to build feature-rich user interfaces.

Whether you hire a junior React Native developer or a senior React Native developer, your technology team will benefit from an engineer who works in the technology. Here’s why hiring a React Native app developer is a good idea – 

  1. Easy Cross-platform Development
    • Hiring React Native developers will simplify the process of cross-platform application development. The team can build common UI components across platforms, which are easily reusable on both iOS and Android. Cross-platform development is also one of the reasons companies should switch from hybrid or native frameworks to React Native app development.
  1. Huge React Native Developer Communities
    • There are tons of React Native communities where developers get support for building world-class products. They get help on different projects, components, and more. Since the framework is open-source, developers keep on updating the code so that new features are added for development.
  1. Rapid App Development
    • Hiring dedicated React Native developers ensures that you get quick applications. Being a cross-platform framework, iOS and Android share the same codebase so it doesn’t take a lot of time to build the application. It also gives companies more time to market their product, providing a competitive advantage. 

Apart from this, React Native app developers are actually highly cost effective. Since it doesn’t take extra time to build the application, there’s no need to spend money on developing the app separately for both the platforms. Also, if you outsource the app development to a React Native app development company, you can save significant costs on managing the team.

How to Hire Dedicated React Native Developers? 

If you want to hire React Native developer, there are several ways to do it. Almost all of them will be available on job portals like Linkedin, Monster, Indeed, and others. There are thousands of React Native developers, and the community is growing every day – so you must not have any trouble finding the right person for the React Native developer position. 

You can ask for your existing team to provide references for React Native developers. If you are building a new team of React Native app developers, then you should look for someone who has already worked in the technology rather than hiring a junior React Native developer.

Another way is to train your existing team of mobile developers in React Native. It is one of the best methods to build a team as you don’t have to look for outside help and it won’t cost you much. It will also provide you with a trusted team who has already worked with the organization.

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What to Consider when Hiring React Native Developers?

Hiring React Native developers requires careful research and consideration of different aspects. Even though you may have immediate requirements to hire a React Native developer, it pays well to meet a lot of candidates and see who suits your needs. 

Here are a few things that you should consider while hiring a React Native developer – 

  • Experience
    • It is important to know the experience of a developer. Whether you want to hire junior React Native developer or senior React Native developer, experience is a must. Even though the framework is new, experienced developers have a better understanding of how things work.
  • React Native Skillset
    • You should hire developers who have the proper skills to build React Native applications. They should know the proper libraries, tools, components, and must have the soft skills as well. Communicating the outcomes to the stakeholders is an important trait to have for any developer.
  • Domain Expertise
    • One of the much neglected aspects is domain expertise. Companies must always look at the domain they are hiring the React Native app developer for. E-commerce and hospitality, both domains have different needs but it is an added advantage to hire developers who have worked in the domain.
  • Development Efficiency
    • Speed and efficiency are key for React Native app development. Therefore, the skills of React Native developer must include quick turnaround time, ability to meet deadlines, and creating apps with the least amount of resources. However, it does not mean they should work to the point of a burnout.
  • Project Expertise
    • Always ensure that the React Native developers you hire have the expertise in working with similar projects that you are hiring them for. If they have a portfolio where they can show what they have done in a similar project, then you get the benefit of knowing whether they will be able to work on the specific project or not.

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React Native developer salaries are increasing day by day because they are in such high demand. Hiring a developer for React Native app development requires considerations that would make or break your React Native team. 

Therefore, hiring the right React Native developers is important. BoTree Technologies is a leading React Native app development company that has built apps in 20+ domains for 200+ clients. 

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