If you are not tech-averse or human-averse, you would find the concept of chatbots pretty intimidating. From Alexa to Cortana, every brand that wants to have a special place in the customer’s mind is introducing its own version of a chatbot.

What is a Chatbots?

To understand what chatbots are, let us first understand that chatting is any conversation that does not have a specific direction or target, they are random by definition. In the age of social media, random conversations too can be a business opportunity.

To get a larger piece of the customer’s mind & heart. Chatbots are developed for specifically that reason, to talk. They are based out of a superior, developed dialogue system which enables them to learn and understand like a human being.

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What Is Their Reason For Being?

Chatbots are being used in various fields as on this date, as customer care executives, entertainment, personal assistants, etc. A big reason why businesses in the retail sector are looking to invest in customer care chatbot executives is an affordable e-commerce development. It is a long, non-exhaustive list if we set out to enumerate the application areas for chatbots, especially considering how much tech-savvy consumers are becoming by the day.

Chatbots have already been massively used in the customer care sector, as we already know. This is where most businesses want to invest on. However, chatbots are fast taking over other fields too. At the Wimbledon 2018, IBM launched Fred, an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that shot all the Facebook updates about the tournament. And guess what?

Fred was the showstopper at Wimbledon. That is also because of how immensely important the chatbot had been for the organizers. Directing guests, telling them how to make the most of Wimbledon and taking care of the reservations. A legendary digital feat for the event.

And why only games? Chatbots are taking up the glamorous jobs too. The fashion industry is bustling with chatbots powered by artificial intelligence who offer style tips to the followers. Airlines, hospitality, even manufacturing – chatbots are taking things by nothing less than a storm.

What Is Chatbot Technology?

The traditional idea of developing a chatbot was to build a system of ifs and then wherein all the possible ways of saying a thing were studied and loaded. Newer technology realizes how wasteful that process could be. The current theme is to use ‘intent recognition’ and build a responsive system around word associations.

Now, for example, if you ask Google to book a hotel room for yesterday, the chatbot would instantly think that such a request is invalid and convey the same to the asker. The sophistication of modern chatbot technology lies in knowing what can’t be true rather than knowing what all can be true.

That said, the challenge is to not only make these chatbots think like humans but also to make them have a worldview, a common sense. The classic mistake which critics never fail to point out was that of Microsoft’s Twitter AI chatbot, Tay.

The machine’s capabilities to pick up on user’s comments and draw word associations acted against it. Tay’s tweets became racist and offending, not to mention xenophobic too. That meant a total disaster for Microsoft.

So the point to be made here is that it is easy for a program to go wrong. The developer has to keep an understanding of what is chatbot technology and how to keep it under the control of a human after all.

Chatbot technology is one the most trending tech topics of the time. Businesses are looking to benefit from this sophisticated system which could help them communicate to-the-point and at-the-point. It is said that the technology could help save a whopping $8 Billion by 2022 for businesses.

That includes is  eCommerce application development, saving on human-errors, crispier business operations, etc. There is a long way to go before we reach the absolute peak of chatbot technology, but the fact that people and industries are more open-minded towards it is a step forward in the right direction.

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