As a startup, sooner or later, you realize that it is difficult to operate all the business functions without professional technical assistance. The integration of technology up to an extent is necessary to ensure that your business process is streamlined and end product or services are affordable.

Embracing technology is a critical part of driving a business to success. But how do you do that? As an entrepreneur, you have absolute command over your core activities. However, a startup founder may not have all the requirements to make a good IT strategy.

IT consulting services can come in here to help you realize your technology needs. They enable smooth integration of the best technology that provides higher productivity, measurable results, and more. The market for IT services is valued to be at $48 billion, which is roughly 20% of the total global consulting market

Global technology consulting market

While maintaining an in-house team of IT consultants is costly and cumbersome, startup businesses can look into procuring the services of outside partners. IT consulting firms provide low-cost custom software solutions and higher Return On Investment (ROI). 

Due to this reason many startups outsource their IT strategy development to a professional outside party. With the global economy taking against leap towards digitization, many more small businesses will face outside an enterprise software development company for IT-based assistance.

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What are the Advantages of Outsourcing IT Consulting Services?

IT Consulting Services Companies have proven their worth in establishing and scaling startups and small businesses without much expenditure. An IT consulting company has a great financial and operational impact on a business. In addition, a software development company can help develop IT strategies for startups, thus allowing organizations to reap multiple benefits. 

Let us have a close look at some of the top benefits of working with an IT consultant to frame your IT strategy and implement it. 

  • Focus on Core Job Responsibility
    • Consulting firms work with startups to help them enhance their growth. Taking over the IT implementation task allows the entrepreneurs to focus more on the core business activity. 
    • With more time on hand, the company can spend more time on finding creative solutions to problems, paying extra attention to consumer experience, quality control, tracking performance, achieving efficiency, and more. 
  • Cost and Time Saving
    • If we compare outsourcing IT services with building and nurturing an in-house IT team, an outsourced team guarantees IT strategies for startups while helping you save time and cost. 
    • An in-house IT team would require much attention and investment in employee training, taxes, employee benefits, and overheads. In addition, routine IT concerns cause a loss of more than $100 billion dollars annually. An experienced IT company has experience in dealing with multiple issues across domains; therefore, they have a better idea to pre-empt such routine downtimes. 
    • IT consultancy firms also offer various engagement options. You can select the best plan at your convenience. 
  • Enhanced Productivity and Sales
    • It’s all about enhancing the productivity and profitability of the company. An IT firm has the skills to access the current technology state of your business and the level you should ideally have to scale your productivity. 
    • A consulting company can help you to identify any gap in your technology requirements and help you to bridge them. In addition, an experienced business consultant can recommend which technology to use and what could be the ideal technology package to scale the business. 
    • Parallelly an IT service partner can help in improving customer experience. IT consulting services can help you with solutions to analyze big data. This can help you make informed decisions regarding targeting and retargeting strategies. 
  • Round – the Clock Availability
    • There is no time for downtime. Modern businesses can not afford downtimes as it would hit their reputation hard. Moreover, a business can not risk any cybersecurity threats. Therefore, companies need to be vigilant at all times. 
    • A responsible IT consultancy company such as BoTree Technologies is available 24/7 to take on the responsibility of tackling any crises, even after product delivery. They also provide consistent monitoring of the client systems to detect threats much before they cause harm to the business. 
    • IT firms conduct random system checks to fix and upgrade during odd hours to ensure that the IT systems remain on track. 
  • Measurable Results
    • You can make your IT firm a valuable asset from both a strategic and financial standpoint. The skills they bring to the table may be unique but not valuable unless they can use them to translate them into a positive outcome. 
    • Startups can ensure that the developers get paid the whole amount only after they have produced the desired results. This way, the development company will fully invest themselves into ensuring that the IT strategies for business bring much-awaited success in the form of improved measurable efficiency and profitability. 
  • Integration of Latest Technology
    • Startups utilizing the latest technology stack are more likely to stay ahead of their competitors. Companies can use the latest AI/ML-powered applications to foresee threats in advance, predict future trends, analyze consumer data, and more. 
    • Installing and maintaining technologies such as big data and business analytics is costly and highly complex to install and maintain. Therefore, one of the greatest IT tips for startups would be to outsource the project to an experienced IT consultant.
  • Retaining Key Employees
    • Startups need to hire quality candidates to drive the new business’s growth and development. However, it is to be noted that quality candidates are only attracted to the company when they know that they will get the opportunity to access the right equipment and systems.
    • Talented employees know how to optimally use these resources and dislike downtime. However, experiencing frequent IT issues can lead to frustration among staff members, mainly when timely solutions are not provided.
    • A top-notch IT consulting company can help startups to put such systems in place for the employees and ensure that they operate well without any significant downtime.

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What to Consider Before Selecting an Technology Consulting Company to Help you With Growth IT Strategy for Startups?

Now that you might have well understood the importance of an IT consulting firm, go ahead and select one for yourself to begin your journey towards improved efficiency and effectiveness. However, before you go about looking for a service partner, here are some points to keep in mind –

  • Select a consulting firm that can offer you the best portfolio of services. Also, do not forget to check the ratings and feedback of their past clients specifically related to your domain.
  • Look into the service provider’s website for information related to awards, certifications, case studies, technology specialties, experience, and more.
  • Focus on a consulting firm that may offer free consultation initially. Also, check if they provide fixed-cost packages with clearly stated deliverables and engagement models.
  • Make sure that you have a proper understanding of your needs. Convey these expectations to the partners and check their responses on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of IT Consulting services?

There are many benefits of IT consulting services that can help startups to scale their business –

  • It helps to save cost and time
  • It leads to an increased focus on the core businesses
  • IT firms help to boost productivity and sales of the company
  • Keeps you updated with the latest trends
  • Measurable Results

These are only a few benefits of partnering with an IT firm. Read the above blog for more details.

Why should startups hire an IT consultant?

A startup should consider outsourcing IT strategies to expert IT firms for complex IT requirements besides doing competitor and customer analysis, developing IT strategies, and delivering better technology solutions. 

Why should I use BoTree Technologies for IT consulting instead of my own in-house IT team?
BoTree Technologies is there to support your in-house staff. In case you do not have any in-house, we can still help you with an outsourced good IT strategy team. The BoTree Technologies experts can help assess requirements, research the products and services needed to meet those needs, and help bridge the gap. The experts at BoTree are here to assist startups with projects they do not have the time or the expertise to tackle.