Writing multiple lines of code to convert it into a functional website is easier. However, it requires a lot of creativity as well as technical skills. In addition, designing a website that attracts a lot of users requires a well-defined website development process. 

Creating a website that attracts several users requires various programming languages and deep insight into concepts like DevTools, data formats, testing, APIs, authentication, and more. 

A web application development company follows a combination of practices that help them to design custom web pages. Web designers need to have creative as well as analytical skills. However, several skills need to be mastered to be a successful web developer. But what are those skills?

In this blog, we will cover all those necessary skills that a designer at an enterprise software development company needs to have to set themselves apart.

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What is Web Development?

Web development refers to building, creating, and maintaining a website for a specific purpose. It includes web design, publishing, programming, and database management. It can also be referred to as the formation of an application that works over the internet.

Web development can be classified in two ways – 

  1. Frontend Development
    • It refers to the development of the face of a website. It includes the part of the website in which a user interacts directly.
  1. Backend Development
    • Backend development refers to the part in which a web app development company works with the website’s server side. The user can not see or interact with this part. 

Who is a Web Developer? 

A web developer is a programmer who has a special set of skills in the development of applications that reside and run over the internet. Such applications run on the HTTP protocol from a dedicated web server to a client browser using a suitable programming language like HTML/CSS, C#, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, and more.

A web developer is different from a web designer. A designer deals with the aesthetics of a website or application, whereas a web developer usually works with the back end or the programming side of a web app. 

What are the Responsibilities of Custom Web Application Development Services? 

A premium web development company or a freelance developer takes on projects to meet the client’s custom needs. The methodology may differ in each project; however, the core responsibility of a web developer remains the same. 

 Here is a brief list of responsibilities of web app development firms  – 

  • Developing UI and navigation panels
  • Integration of multimedia content
  • Writing review codes for sites using HTML, XML, or JavaScript
  • Testing of web applications
  • Collaboration with designers, stakeholders, and developers
  • Troubleshooting problems and performance issues

Top 9 Things to Know for End-to-End Web Application Development

Top 9 Things to Know for End-to-End Web Application Development
  • Browser DevTools
    • Browser DevTools help a developer with debugging, editing HTML elements, editing CSS properties, checking devices, tracking javascript errors, and more. In addition, the developers should know how to use different tabs in DevTools to make their work easier and quicker.
    • The DevTools differ with each browser. There are different DevTools, such as Chrome DevTools, Firefox DevTools, and more. The former is the most widely used for developing, testing, and debugging web applications.
    • The basic skill every web developer must have is the ability to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the building blocks of any web application and, therefore, very important for web developers. 
    • HTML and CSS are used in the front end, while CSS is used in the front end to decide the style, design, layout, and how HTML elements must be displayed on the screen. 
    • On the other hand, JavaScript is responsible for making HTML pages dynamic and interactive. In addition, Javascript comes with different languages, such as PHP, Python, and ASP.Net, to make the website more interactive.
  • Git and GitHub
    • Git is used as a version control system in most organizations. A web developer needs to work a lot over Git for version control. A web developer must learn Git and basic commands like cloning, pushing to repositories, making a pull request, merging branches, and more.
    • GitHub is a service that enables pushing the Git repositories to host your code. Therefore, it is suitable for collaboration among the developers. 
  • Application Programming Interface (API) 
    • A web developer must work with many APIs, mainly the third party. Therefore, it gives developers the space to utilize functionalities without sharing the code. 
    • GitHub consists of a repository of API’s apart from other public APIs that can also be used for different purposes. The developer should learn about using Rest APIs, HTTP request methods, building a Rest API, CRUD operation, other status codes, data format, and more.
  • UX
    • UX stands for user experience. It focuses on how people feel when they use the website. Web app development services must approach website development from the end user’s perspective. 
    • The development team must research the user persona to achieve a user-friendly website. This will help understand the path a user might take on the website. In addition, it will help shape the website’s features and sitemap. 
    • As a web developer, you will get to prepare wireframes, prototypes, and templates to showcase the critical parts of each webpage.
  • Writing Tests
    • For large custom enterprise web apps, writing tests like unit tests and other types is essential. The tests help in making the final product more robust. Unfortunately, writing tests is a waste of effort. However, tests help save time; therefore, each web developer should work on their test writing skills.

Soft Skills That Every Web Developer Needs

  • Good Communication
    • It is important for web application development services to ensure that the communication lines are standardized and well-established. Good communication helps ensure that the client’s requirements are well received and the client is well informed about the progress of development. Good communication skills also keep the entire team on the same page.
  • Time Management
    • Whether you work for a premium software development company or you are a freelance web developer, time management is essential to stay on top of the business. 
    • The knowledge of productivity applications, such as task lists, calendars, and tracking tools such as Trello or Jera, can help a developer to manage work and time. In addition, mastering the art of prioritizing and tracking the work can be important for the work’s success.
  • Digital Marketing
    • The digital marketing skill set is more suitable for a marketer or salesperson than a web developer. However, we live in a time when thousands of websites sell products online. Therefore, even a basic knowledge of digital marketing helps a developer design a website that is SEO friendly.

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There are a lot of things that an ideal web developer should be able to do. A web developer needs to possess multiple skills before diving into a career as a web developer. We hope these tips will help you in your journey to becoming a successful web developer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to build a website? 

A professional web app development company can take around 1 to 4 months to build a custom website from scratch. However, a lot depends upon the developer’s required functionalities and capabilities. 

A developer can help you build a website. However, it would be best if you also had opinions and advice, which can be provided only by experienced web app development firms like BoTree Technologies. 

  1. I already have a website. Is it easy to update or change it? 

The difficulty in updating a website depends upon how old the website is and what updates need to be made. If the requirement is complex, it may take time and vice-versa. However, a trusted enterprise software development company like BoTree Technologies can work on any complexity after understanding the requirements of the clients.

  1. How much does it cost to build a new website?

It is difficult to state any fixed range of website development. The cost of the development of custom enterprise web apps may vary from one website to another. The development cost varies depending on the requirements, the resources utilized, the requested timeline, and more. 

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