The client is a startup focussed on helping Musicians and Studio owners connect. The intuitive UI and ease of use of the application make it very convenient for musicians to locate the best place to practice that suit their requirements, budget and travel time.

Technologies Used
  • Python
  • Django
  • Stripe payment APIs
Services Provided
  • Web Development
  • Software Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Business Problem

Musicians are finding it difficult to find a place to practice their art which is well equipped and acoustically well-designed. There was a strong need to have a service in place which can connect the musicians and studio owners. Musicians should be able to look for places which suit their requirements and budget.


  1. The solution was developed in the form a very advanced search service musicians with a highly intuitive and advanced UI.
  2. The solution helped musicians find the perfect room or studio to make music wherever and whenever they want. They don't need to carry their instruments with them, as they are available at the studio or room they book.
  3. People who have a great sounding instrument(s) or a perfect place to practice in, can rent their room or space, by joining the MusicTraveler as a host and earn.
  4. For inducting a person into the MusicTraveler system, we required the user to make and connect account on Stripe, and this whole process was automated. Host information was collected through the application only. We also collected his identity documents and sent them to Stripe.
  5. The whole process of collecting the payment from User, deducting our share and sending the payouts to Host was automated using Stripe and Django APIs.


Have a look at the top features that our developers incorporated into the app.


We had implemented a complex search based on almost all parameters like Instruments, price range, date, time, room size, ratings etc.

Calendar for User and Host

We had provided a calendar for both Users and Host to see their bookings. User calendar was a monthly calendar and we highlighted the day when he had his bookings.


The host has the ability to change the schedule at any point in time. Suppose the User has a booking on a time slot, we show this to them for cancellation.

Price Mapping

We are also showing rooms on the map, rooms are grouped per places, and each place is represented as a pin on the map. Pin has the price, which is the lowest price of the room located at a particular place.

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