83% of IT decision-makers implemented DevOps practices in 2021 to unlock higher business value. In addition, DevOps services are increasing as companies focus on maximizing delivery efficiency.

DevOps combines development and operations. It helps an enterprise software development company speed up the delivery process. It enables quick deployment. DevOps methodology also automates software delivery. 

Today, a DevOps strategy improves productivity, collaboration, and software security. DevOps is a software engineering approach that encourages controllable iterations with the latest tools. 

But enterprises might confuse DevOps with agile. However, they are two different things. Agile, Lean, and other project management methodologies align with DevOps. 

DevOps is perceived as an accepted industry practice. The pace of adoption is expanding, beginning around 2018. According to  a report, businesses that have implemented DevOps approaches invested 21% less energy on spontaneous work and rework. This is opposed to spending over 44% of the time on new work, which leads to higher productivity and efficiency.

DevOps Benefits for Business: The case for Amazon and Netflix

  • Amazon:
    • Amazon leads the DevOps implementation approach. In 2010, the company migrated from physical servers to Amazon Web Service (AWS). It allowed them to save resources and scale up & down as per the requirements.
    • The internal deployment management system Apollo was of great use. Amazon focused on continuous deployment using Apollo, allowing developers to deploy code anytime from anywhere they wanted. 
    • Amazon achieved phenomenal success with DevOps implementations. The new load balancer ensured that only 1 out of 100,000 websites faced an outage, quickly resolved. The transition to DevOps saved the company millions of dollars.
  • Netflix:
    • Netflix, the largest streaming company in the world, utilizes DevOps in an amazing fashion. The company works with multiple microservices in its cloud-based infrastructure. Developers don’t need to rely on IT operations to build code into deployable web images. As the images are updated, custom-built software integrates them into the infrastructure.
    • Netflix’s primary focus in DevOps are speed, flexibility, and attention to quality. In 2015, the company was awarded the JAX Special Jury Award. The award was given to recognize the rate at which Netflix was adopting DevOps and setting new IT standards.

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DevOps in the Enterprise: 5 reasons to implement

DevOps starts with a mindset. However, once the company adopts that mindset, it becomes easier to implement. It brought large-scale changes in business processes. The development and Operations teams both took equal accountability to deliver products swiftly and productively. 

Here are 5 Reasons to Invest in DevOps for the overall Benefit of the Enterprise: 

  1. Shorter Development Cycle:
    • One of the biggest DevOps benefits for business is the enhanced speed of development. DevOps solutions break the walls between the development and operations teams. It drives them to work toward a single goal. 
    • With higher collaboration, there’s less bias on either of the teams. The ultimate result is more value delivery to the customer. As soon as the operations team gets the feedback, the development team starts the process again and releases new versions. 
    • Since the process connects the team, product delivery takes place in half the time as before and with twice the quality.
  2. Higher Client Satisfaction:
    • DevOps engineers take frequent updates from the clients. The development team makes frequent product releases depending on customer feedback. In essence, it enables the business to respond quickly to customer needs.
    • When clients learn that their changes are done as quickly as possible, their trust in the DevOps team multiplies. On the other hand, DevOps automation enables the team to quickly build new products and present them to the client. It offers the ultimate client satisfaction. 
    • The product is extremely high when DevOps implementation happens. Teams can quickly identify the paint points and errors, which enables quick rectification and improvement.
  3. More Innovation Opportunities:
    • DevOps consulting is a practice in innovation. The process provides opportunities to deliver products faster and make quick releases.
    • When the product delivery becomes quick, developers get more chances to experiment. Whether they succeed or fail is a totally different scenario. However, it is a great place to experiment with new features and improve upon the existing ones.
    • Ultimately, developers can easily build a prototype. They can check the feasibility of a new concept. If it works, they can quickly bring it to the market. Enterprise DevOps greatly benefits from innovation in the process.
  4. Increases Job Satisfaction:
    • Needless to say, the DevOps deployment methodology multiplies employee engagement. The process boosts morale and leads to higher employee satisfaction. How so?
    • DevOps leads to quicker product development. It is also an efficient process and minimizes error. Few errors mean less time spent fixing things and more time spent creating new ones. Developers can do whatever they love and focus on things that really matter.
    • DevOps teams are also less stressed. Development and operations teams work collaboratively to achieve a singular goal. Every input matters and every team member is accountable for the output.
  5. Enhances Software Security:
    • DevOps automation integrates the environment with predefined testing procedures and routines. Developers test the code while writing it and fix any issues that arise. 
    • DevOps collaboration does not require any manual intervention in infrastructure configuration monitoring. Teams can integrate infrastructure as a code and automate this process.
    • DevOps reduces the chances of failures. It provides automated testing environments, reducing any security risks. And with the co-existence of agile, developers can quickly make any security upgrades that the application needs. The methodology also ensures compliance with industry standards and the best security measures.


Whether a startup or an enterprise, hiring specialists in DevOps consulting services is a great practice for all types of companies. While many may consider the DevOps trend as something of a fad, it is here to stay. The business benefits of DevOps as a service and its implementations make it a possible winner amongst some of the best approaches to software development in recent times.

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