Education is moving towards online channels, and elearning app development are emerging as the top players in 2020. Today, an eLearning mobile app is the biggest tool for educational institutes to empower their students with learning even during these tough times.

Virtual classrooms have led to a rise in e-learning app development across the globe. More and more academic institutes, schools, and universities are exploring applications to reach their students and deliver the best education possible.

In a way, e-learning apps for students are empowering them with the resources they need at their disposal. It has developed a better connection between teachers and students. Paperless classrooms are increasingly becoming a new reality, and eLearning mobile app development is the way to achieve that.

There are a plethora of elearning mobile app features like sharing notes, personal messaging with teachers, video conferencing, online lectures, and more. They enable students and teachers to communicate seamlessly and engage in lessons without having to visit the classroom.

As the pandemic worsens, there’s a high probability that schools and universities won’t open anytime soon. So e learning mobile apps are the best companion for students to indulge in learning and get assistance from teachers possible.

How elearning app development is empowering the education sector


E-learning App Development: How it Empowers Education

E-learning mobile apps not only connect students and teachers – they are empowering the entire education sector. These apps have allowed those people to access education who can’t travel far away locations to attend colleges.

Several e learning applications like Coursera, Udemy, UpGrad,, amongst many others are providing a platform to students to get a college-level education. However, these are one-way websites and more like a passive educational platform.

Interactive e learning mobile app features involve engaging in real-time with teachers like in a classroom. These courses are offered by coursera and upGrad, wherein teachers provide lessons to registered students.

Apart from this, apps like Google Meet and Zoom have become excellent facilitators of e learning by enabling teachers to move their classes online. Today, students can learn from the comfort of their home while elearning apps for teachers and students can ensure that the pandemic is not stopping them from delivering quality education.

Here are a few ways e learning mobile app development is empowering education:-

  • Flexibility in classes
    • One of the best things about e learning application development is that it equips students with the ability to stay flexible in their study schedule. They can choose to study whenever they want. In the case of teachers, they can determine when they want to have the classes and inform the students.
    • Online learning courses provide students with the flexibility to choose whatever time they prefer. However, with university classes, it depends on the teachers, but they can ensure that all the students are available before taking the class.
  • Remote learning
    • Another advantage of e-learning mobile app development is that it allows students to access quality education from remote locations. There are millions of students who can’t travel to faraway places and get their education. For them, remote learning is a boon as they can reach teachers who can teach them from their homes.
    • Remote learning is one of the e learning mobile application features that has brought a transformation in the education sector. Today, students can sit in India and access courses in Paris through e learning applications. This is the biggest empowerment that elearning can offer to students and teachers.
  • Affordable education
    • Money is an important factor when it comes to education. E-learning apps for students make education affordable by offering inexpensive access to online courses. Whether you are taking a class online or watching a pre-recorded course, e-learning applications save you from paying hefty college tuition fees.
    • On the other hand, there are certain e learning mobile apps that offer the learning for free. Google offers multiple courses on digital marketing for free. Udemy only charges $10-$20 for a lifetime course. Similarly, universities affiliated with Coursera provide free learning but only ask for a small fee if students want a certificate.
  • Interactive classes
    • With elearning mobile app development, learning isn’t limited to passive delivery of information. It has become an interactive activity where teachers and students communicate and connect to share ideas. Students can ask questions from wherever they are and also get assistance with their homework by connecting with teachers anytime they want.
    • Apart from that, e learning platform development also leads to building apps that allow students to collaborate on different projects. Through mobile apps, teachers can create groups for students and assign projects that students can complete together on the application.
  • Diverse learning
    • E learning app features are not just limited to classroom study. Top universities have educational apps that provide learning apart from what’s in the curriculum. Students can learn different languages, acquire new skills, and get information on various fields. Today, e learning mobile applications have opened a plethora of options for students to learn.
    • E learning mobile apps also offer courses for developing soft skills. Students can acquire memory skills and learn math through interactive games. While it is still in its initial stages, these apps are taking learning to a whole new level.

Elearning apps are the future of Education

There’s no denying the fact that as the world moves towards digital channels, the education sector will drastically benefit from it. E learning app development is on the rise as more and more academic institutes and universities understand the need for delivering education to all students via online medium.

E learning app features are easy to use and convenient. It is up to the students and teachers to decide their study schedule, which doesn’t bind them to the strictness that sometimes acted as an obstacle for both teachers and students.

Through E learning apps, teachers can also connect with a student’s parents and provide a detailed performance report. It is more convenient than meeting the parents on a normal school day as it takes up a lot of time.

The future of education will be driven by E learning applications, and if you want to be a part of that future, you should capitalize on it too. An expert Elearning app development company like BoTree Technologies can solve all your problems in delivering online education.