Java is the fifth most used programming language worldwide, with a market share of 35.35%. The programming language has been ruling for years. It is popular for building a diverse range of applications. It includes enterprise solutions, desktop applications, GUI systems, embedded systems, scientific solutions, and more. Java software development services are the primary answer to Android application development as well.

Today, there are around 8 million developers who use Java worldwide. Java developers are accessible and available in every enterprise that focuses on digitization. It is the go-to programming language for app development. Because of its backend development capabilities and functional benefits in mobile applications, Java engineers are in high demand.

Java is now also becoming a major contributor to data science, cloud computing, AR & VR, DevOps, and microservices. With such a big supply of Java programmers, enterprises can look for the right talent and hire it to create a world-class Java team. However, it isn’t always so easy.

This article will focus on hiring Java developers for building applications and digital solutions in 2022. It will focus on the right skills to look for, the responsibilities that enterprises should assign to Java experts, and how to find the right people in Java for application development. 

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What to look for to Hire a Java Developer in 2022

From banking to insurance apps, Java is a highly useful programming language in almost every industry. It has the right frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, libraries, plugins, and proper support to create web and mobile applications.

To work within the ecosystem of Java software development, skills and experience matter the most. While the learning curve for Java may be a little steep, it is one of the first programming languages that developers learn in their programming journey. 

It is essential to have people with the right skills to build Java solutions. Here are the skills that enterprises should look for in Java developers:

  • Java Proficiency
    The developer must have strong proficiency in the latest versions of Java. Java 8 is one of the most widely used versions of the programming language.
  • OOPs Concepts
    Java is an object-oriented programming language, which means that developers must know OOPs concepts to separately build objects.
  • Ecosystem Knowledge
    There are frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate, which developers must know by heart to build dynamic applications. Google Guava, Cucumber, and others are the libraries that developers must have a deep understanding of.
  • Front-end Skills
    Java is a backend programming knowledge, but developers must know frontend tools to create engaging user experiences. A full-stack Java developer must know JavaScript.
  • Development Methodologies
    Developers must have an understanding of methodologies like agile and lean to work with modern enterprises. These are a must to have for Java programmers.
  • Database Integration
    All Java engineers must have data storage and retrieval skills, Java migration to different databases, and understanding of how to integrate databases with the application.
  • Soft Skills
    It is important to communicate the results of Java enterprise application development, which is why developers need excellent soft skills. For modern enterprises, the right mindset is as important (even more) as the right technical skills. 
Guide to Hiring Java Developers

What are Java Developers Responsible for?

Whether it is Java web application development or mobile development, there are a lot of things involved in the process. Java consultants are responsible for a whole lot of activities. Some of them include – 

  • Conceptualizing, designing, developing, and deploying Java solutions by writing concise and clear code within or without a team
  • Analyzing the software by testing the code and debugging when errors arise. Also, understanding how the code works for the user.
  • Undertaking the best Java development practices, including lean and agile, to ensure that the product version is delivered in a timely manner.
  • Focusing on complete DevOps methodology, production of new releases, and migrating the databases and Java versions to newer and better ones.
  • Optimize application features in terms of usability, speed, and resource efficiency to ensure the product doesn’t lag in any way.

Apart from these, the responsibilities of a developer may change at a Java enterprise software development company. It depends on the project the developer is working on and the requirements of the client. 

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How to find the right Experts for a Java Team

Did you know that $100,454 is the average salary for a Java developer in the United States? That is a lot more when compared to developers in other technologies and programming languages. It is because of the huge demand for engineers to build Java solutions in diverse industries.

And with the proliferation of use cases of Java in the 21st century, it has become a prominent programming language. Therefore, developers have more opportunities than ever before to get a job as a Java engineer.

However, enterprises might still struggle to find the right Java fit for their team. Here are a few ways to find the right Java engineers:

  1. Online Portals
    One of the best places to hire Java developers is to dig through online portals. LinkedIn,, GitHub, StackOverflow, Indeed are a few places to find full-time engineers for the Java team. However, when enterprises need freelancers, they can look on portals like Upwork, Fiverr,, and more.
  2. Outsource Development
    When enterprises cannot find the right Java consultants, they can outsource the process to a Java software development company. These companies provide skilled and experienced developers at an affordable price. It also eliminates the hassle of managing the development process.
  3. Ask for References
    Probably references are one of the most significant ways to find Java experts for any project. Asking around will enable enterprises to also get a background check on the people they are hiring without any problem. Internal hiring (training people in Java) is also an option that companies can consider.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s a Java enterprise application or a custom-centric product, Java is suitable for all kinds of digital solutions. Hiring a Java developer in 2022 may become a challenge for the uninitiated. However, by considering the above things, companies can be better prepared to find Java engineers in the right places and at an affordable cost.

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