Speeding up the software development process is essential to get more time to market for the products. Enterprises that want a first-mover advantage must launch solutions faster than their competitors. Therefore, the speed of software development is one of the most significant factors to understand the depth of competitive advantage.

Software development companies need me to constantly meet the dynamic requirements of clients and the market. One of the major challenges enterprises face is failing to quickly launch new products and releases to serve the market. 

major challenges for software development company

However, a rigorous focus to speed up software development often leads the software development teams to burn out, which ultimately leads to employee turnover. Deadline delivery has become such a priority for companies that the physical and mental health of employees deteriorates in the process.

Therefore, it is important for enterprises to improve the software development speed without leading the team to burn out and exhaustion. They need to follow strategies that will increase the speed of the software development process and ensure that the products get launched on time without additional burden on the employees. 

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This article will highlight 9 such strategies that will help enterprises and startups to speed up the process of developing high-quality software solutions. 

How can I Speed Up my Software Development Process?

Objectively speaking, there’s no way to determine the EXACT time it will take to complete a project. It depends on the complexity of the software, availability of resources, and several other factors.

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But considering these factors remain unalterable, taking a different software development approach – one that focuses on deadline delivery without leading to burnout, is essential for companies to get high-quality software within a timeframe.

So here are 9 strategies that will help to increase the speed of software development – 

  1. Set clear expectations
    Probably the most common yet highly ignored strategy is to set clear expectations. Companies need to decide a timeframe within which the software must be complete. Having SMART goals is important because it tells every team member when the clients expect the project to be complete.
  2. Team expansion
    Another popular strategy applicable to software development speed improvement is expanding the team. More team members would mean less work for each member, which will lead them to focus on their specific task and complete it on time. Sharing responsibility and delegation is a key factor to improve the development speed.
  3. Customize agile development
    If the team is following agile, it will make sense to customize the process as per the complexity of the project. The focus within agile should be to launch the fastest prototype, which will then lead to further development. Agile is important to deliver the products on the deadline.
  4. Reduce work-in-progress
    Find a project management methodology that helps to reduce the work-in-process. Teams that are overwhelmed with a high number of tasks tend to work slowly. Ensure that only a limited number of tasks are assigned at a particular time to eliminate pending tasks.
  5. Determine actual KPIs
    Many people ask how to speed up software development, but not many ask how to measure the improvement in speed. Ignore the artificial KPIs like lines of code written during the day and focus on actual measurements like the number of tasks completed to stay on track of the delivery date.
  6. Shift Left testing
    The shift-left testing approach is one of the best approaches to speed up software development. Developers should start testing early in the SDLC to ensure that any bugs and issues are fixed quickly without any delay. Testing early drastically improves the development speed.
  7. Manage the change of scope
    The best thing a project manager can do is avoid frequent changes in the scope of the project. When the team has a clear idea about the project scope from beginning to end, they work faster towards achieving a single goal. Changing the scope may create more complexities than one might think.
  8. Reduce work hours
    Everyone in the IT industry understands that shorter working hours lead to more productive results than working out for 12 hours a day. Software development is a creative process, and engineers need regular intervals to restore their creative energy. Shorter work hours enable employees to work more efficiently and at their discretion, leading to faster products.
  9. Outsource software development
    One of the most common ways to attain high-quality software development at high speeds is to outsource the process to an offshore company. The company works according to the deadline and provides releases when the client wants it. They also take care of the different processes that need to be cut down or added to improve the development speed.

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How can I Reduce my Software Development Time?

Software development is a lengthy process. It takes a couple of months to build a single prototype. But companies that want more time to market and achieve a competitive advantage always look out to reduce the time taken to build software.

How can I Reduce my Software Development Time?
Source: SCNSoft

Therefore, following the above strategies to increase the speed of software development is important for companies. But what are some other tips that can be combined to reduce the speed of software development?

  • Companies should use advanced workflow automation tools that will eliminate unnecessary task management from the team’s workday and lead to productive outcomes.
  • Asking the client and customer feedback early in the process is another way to reduce the development time. The faster the development team understands what went wrong and what needs to be done, the quicker they will make the changes.
  • Leverage a no-code platform is another way to reduce the software development time. It enables developers to use drag-and-drop interfaces to build UI. However, this approach is not common to develop complex software solutions.

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Wrapping Up

The speed of software development is a decisive factor in giving the enterprise a competitive advantage. How fast a company can meet the customer’s requirements determines their success in the market. Rapid application development also ensures high product adaptability as customers will get the updated products in enough time. 

And such products are only built by a custom software development company like BoTree Technologies. 

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