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We help organizations leverage the leading RPA tools to reduce operational costs and maximize revenue.

Automate the future with the leading cloud and AI-based RPA Automation Anywhere Tool

We take automation seriously. Our team believes that automating the right processes can help organizations capitalize better on human potential. For this, we enable complete enterprise automation with Automation Anywhere. We build a secure architecture using the tool that ensures compliance of global enterprises. BoTree Technologies has a team of RPA developers that specializing in optimizing the right process with Automation Anywhere to achieve maximum efficiency.

Accelerate Growth

Create top-notch value propositions for customers and rapidly enhance growth by acquiring new customers & retaining existing ones to maximize profitability.

Workforce of the Future

With this robotic process automation framework, build an intelligent workforce by creating up to 20,000 bots for scaling your business & improve workflow efficiency.

Minimize Operational Costs

Leverage the enterprise-grade technology for multiplying the economies of scale thereby reducing the overall costs of operations.

Application Expertise

Error Free Analytics

Siemens Healthcare, one of the world's largest suppliers in the BioTech / Healthcare Industry, Utilized Automation Anywhere for creating multiple option reports that are preliminary for genetic analysis. The manual process resulted in errors which would create discrepancy and make the data unacceptable. Automating this process allowed creating an end to end solution for creating reports that were easily monitored & edited with 100% accuracy for performing genetic analysis.

One major advantage of the Automation Anywhere RPA framework is that it offers real-time analytics which makes it easier for companies to generate reports without any delays. It provides accurate & up-to-date information as the bots created run continuously to gather data & summarize them in reports for further analysis.

Efficient Order Processing Applications

Tech Mahindra, one of the world's largest wireless communications providers, has implemented Automation Anywhere RPA to achieve efficiency in order processing. It has allowed them to automate the iterative process of entering orders and integrate the entire process with 4 different enterprise applications. The result was high-performance of the order entry processing system that improved their productivity by 200% and reduced the average order handling time by nearly 65%.

Automation Anywhere RPA has made its presence felt in nearly every industry. TravelPro International, a leading supplier of carry-on luggage to frequent fliers, adopted the robotic process automation tool to automate the sales order processing. This process earlier required manual workforce to transfer the orders in the ERP system. With the implementation of this effective tool, TravelPro International was able to automate the entire process of repetitive data entry and reduce their costs on customer service personnel for order entry processing. This reduced their processing time to nearly 16 times less than the earlier speed.

BoTree Technologies aligns your business goals with the best RPA tools like Automation Anywhere to provide you control & agility by creating iterative operational cycles for mundane activities. Our rpa experts allow you to quickly start your automation process without any complex handling processes and offer higher operational capabilities with complete security of your information.

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Our experienced Automation Anywhere RPA developers deliver solutions that make your competitors rethink their processes. We have extensively worked in varied industries and implemented RPA solutions for diverse clients.




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