Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud computing player for enterprise applications. It provides complete storage, cloud deployment, and AI services. AWS products include the well-known AWS S3, EC2, Elasticsearch, and many more. AWS services are so unique that 40 of its products are not available with any other cloud provider. When you hire a software development company, they recommend AWS as the first choice for cloud application deployment. 

AWS enterprise applications are much easier to host at the backend. The cloud service provides dedicated servers to deploy applications during the software development process. Since AWS is highly flexible, the software development cycle can’t be easily upscaled or downscaled as per the requirement.

In this article, we will look at the few significant reasons for considering AWS in your software development methodologies. We want to highlight the benefits of using Amazon Web Services for enterprise apps and their maintenance.

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7 Reasons to Choose AWS Cloud for Enterprise Apps

In general, most enterprises require a centralized system to manage their data. That’s why an AWS-based solution makes sense for them. It provides a single roof to manage your storage, computing power, application dashboard, and much more.

Here are 7 reasons why we recommend using AWS products in your software development process –

  1. Pay-as-you use model
    • AWS services are heavy on the pay-as-you-go model. The company doesn’t charge you a fixed subscription fee or regular charges for using their services. It works with on-the-go pricing – you only pay for the storage and power you use.
    • When you need to scale servers for increased traffic, you can pay for the additional infrastructure. Since most of the time, the whole server goes unutilized, it doesn’t make sense to pay a rigid fee for a small website. AWS eliminates this problem by only charging for whatever you use.
  2. Trusted by leaders
    • AWS application example includes a lot of big names in the industry. The cloud computing service is used by giants like Kellogs, Samsung, Nokia, Unilever, Netflix, Toshiba, Ubisoft, Nasdaq, Philips, and many more.
    • Since these companies need a high amount of computing power and storage for their users, AWS is the right choice for them. No cloud computing offers such great capacity to manage a massive amount of traffic. AWS is continuously becoming the first choice of industry leaders who want to expand their computing capabilities.
  3. High performance
    • One of the biggest reasons to deploy AWS enterprise applications is its speed and high performance. AWS Lambda enables testing the applications much faster than other solutions. It also improves the performance of the new features.
    • The response time for AWS is extremely low. It also significantly reduces the cost of testing and deploying the enterprise app. The other alternatives do not deliver on their promise of performance for the price they charge. The AWS-based solution can provide high performance to the application, offering a top-notch user experience.
  4. Improved security
    • AWS is big on offering security to enterprises. While even the best software development company in India cannot guarantee 100% data protection, an AWS partner can help you leverage the products for better security.
    • AWS offers Identity and Access Management (IAM) free of cost. It enables enterprises to restrict the server and only allows authorized personnel to access it. AWS also provides data encryption, allowing enterprises to protect their confidential data from vulnerabilities. The company engages with third-parties to offer certificates regarding the policies and informs the users about them.
  5. Flexible scaling
    • This is probably one of the most significant reasons companies prefer to choose Amazon Web Services with different software development methodologies. It is easily scalable and allows you to modify your servers as per your requirements.
    • When there is a heavy amount of traffic, you can easily add more servers by paying for them. It will allow you to scale at an affordable price. Similarly, when your server requirements are fulfilled, you can let the server go. Renting the server to handle traffic and requests is what makes AWS preferred by enterprises.
  6. No physical infrastructure
    • AWS services offer virtual servers where you can manage your data and get more computing power. It means that you don’t have to maintain physical infrastructure filled with servers and data storage units. AWS takes care of all that.
    • So when it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to worry about it. The AWS software development engineer will maintain the servers. You will save a lot of money as you don’t have to manage the physical space, pay the engineers to maintain the servers, and buy massive data storage units to build a data center.
  7. Diverse services
    • There are more than 150 products, out of which 40 are unique to AWS, as mentioned above. There’s an AWS solution or everything. An AWS company can help you with implementing these services and bringing your application to the cloud.
    • There are AWS products for database management, web servers, networking, storage, encryption, analytics, and a lot of other things. Deploying applications on AWS becomes more manageable with a portfolio of services available on-demand. You get access to a global content delivery network, which is one of the fastest in the world. 

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Conclusion: Choose AWS for Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software applications generally require a centralized system where all things can be easily managed. It requires a large amount of computing power, storage space, and a virtual environment for maintaining servers and organizational data.

We learned that AWS products are affordable and provide flexible scaling. Whether you need a product for testing the enterprise app or scaling the server to handle massive requests, there’s an AWS-based solution available for it. On top of that, industry leaders use AWS in their technology stack and trust it to maintain their user base.

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