Understanding Node.JS App Development Tool for Real-Time Coding Applications

Paypal, Airbnb, SAP, Uber and even NASA have used Node.JS at some point. Let’s find out why, where and how Node.JS is used.

Node.JS is an open-source runtime environment that uses a unique I/O model to perform tasks that are scalable and require real-time responses.

Advantages of Node.JS are countless but here are a few reasons why it can be a good choice: 

Single Programming Language for Front and Back

One of the most important reasons to use Node.JS is that it can use the same programming language to write both server-side and client-side making things easy for developers and saving a lot of time. It goes smoothly with Angular, React and Ember. It means that companies like Paypal, SAP, and IBM can concentrate on hiring top JavaScript developers.

It is Fast and Scalable

Node.Js is built on top of the Chrome V8 Javascript Engine. Non-blocking Input/Output means it can read data and send it back very fast.  Node’s ability to process a lot of requests with low response time makes it a good choice for real-time applications. Node.JS is also more scalable than Rails.

Rich Node.JS Development Community

Node.JS promotes sharing with Node Package Manager or NPM. NPM allows developers to share, correct and reuse each other’s programmers with ease. Node.JS has an active community and can be considered as a suitable alternative to Python, Ruby, Java, and C#.

Can be Used on Multi-Platform

It has a real cross-platform language that allows Node.JS to be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Now let’s answer our second question where companies use Node.JS.


A lot of companies engage Node.JS as a server-side proxy to handle a large number of simultaneous connections in a non-blocking manner. It can also be used to gather data from numerous source points.


Being typically real-time and multi-user application which uses high traffic, the chat is a perfect example where companies use Node.JS.

Data Streaming

While HTTP requests and their responses are considered as isolated events in most traditional platforms one of the great features of Node.JS is to stream a file while it is being uploaded. This can be used for live audio/video streaming applications (for example Netflix) as well.

Stock Trading

Broker’s trading software needs to be a real-time tool that tracks livestock prices, performs calculations and modifies different graphs. Node.JS finds its application in a wide range of trading software.

How Node.JS is a Different Development Tool as Compared to Javascript?

Every node.js development company knows that while there is no difference in terms of the language used in JavaScript and Node.JS, it (Node.JS) has da different set of APIs. As you’re exposed to different types of Web APIs /DOM which allow uses hardware to a limited extent. There are some APIs suitable for backend development, for example, HTTP requests, and support for file system child processes.

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